I NEED HELP | I Don't Know Where I Stand Religious Wise

Please read this piece without any attachment to it. A Nigerian by the identity Memestic needs help:
It all started when I was little... I was raised by a Muslim father who later got a divorce from my mum and since I was a mum's pet I moved out with her, she happen to be a Christian (cele) but when we moved out and got to our new place we couldn't find a cele church around so we attended a new generation church at that time. 
After losing my beloved mother just before my admission into the university I became a serious Christian in my 100 level and soon became an exco in the campus fellowship in my 200 level but...
being too churchy soon got me into trouble with my very low 3rd class CGPA, so in 300 level I dumped the fellowship and was able to move my GPA to 2nd class upper (lol). 
In my finals, I got a house off campus and moved in with a roommate who was once a Christian and now an atheist. We would argue for long hours about religion and God and I soon got to find out that sometimes the dude was right about both. 
I managed to graduate (with a 2:2 of course) and soon realized I could have done better if not for my churchy attitude during my early years as an undergraduate. I'd secretly blame myself and the God I served while on campus for my failure. 
In 2 days time I'd be 20 years of age and I'm almost through with my NYSC programme next month and I'm not sure if I believe in God anymore. 
Note I still go to church most times when I'm under compulsion to go or I just feel like. I had some events that I feel might have triggered this new belief system of mine e.g:
I lost my mum and five years after that I lost dad too (lost them both at critical points in my life. I lost mum when I was barely in ss3 at age 14 and dad a month to my convocation ate age 19.) 
I always feel like if I hadn't been churchy I know I would have graduated with at least a 2:1 cos it took me 3 semesters to take my results from 3rd class to 2:2. 
I saw an article online today about one Taiwo Gold who recently denounced Islam and is now an atheist and trust me I see reasons with what the dude said cos I have most of those things in mind too and I had always talked and argued about them with my atheist roommate in school. 
Christians say Jesus is the way and Muslims will end in hell and Muslims say Allah's got no son just servants and Christians should brace themselves for janamah (pardon my spelling but the translation is HELL). 
So where does that live the sango and eledumare and other such worshipers
Those are the few and major events that I think might have got me in this confused state of mine. Please help me out. Is there God? Which way is the way? Is there Hell?? Is there an afterlife?? Please answer these questions with proofs please.
 This is called the 'baby stages' in Christianity. Anyone who has a proper answer for him please share.