I NEED HELP | I Don't Know Where I Stand Religious Wise

Please read this piece without any attachment to it. A Nigerian by the identity Memestic needs help:
It all started when I was little... I was raised by a Muslim father who later got a divorce from my mum and since I was a mum's pet I moved out with her, she happen to be a Christian (cele) but when we moved out and got to our new place we couldn't find a cele church around so we attended a new generation church at that time. 
After losing my beloved mother just before my admission into the university I became a serious Christian in my 100 level and soon became an exco in the campus fellowship in my 200 level but...
being too churchy soon got me into trouble with my very low 3rd class CGPA, so in 300 level I dumped the fellowship and was able to move my GPA to 2nd class upper (lol). 
In my finals, I got a house off campus and moved in with a roommate who was once a Christian and now an atheist. We would argue for long hours about religion and God and I soon got to find out that sometimes the dude was right about both. 
I managed to graduate (with a 2:2 of course) and soon realized I could have done better if not for my churchy attitude during my early years as an undergraduate. I'd secretly blame myself and the God I served while on campus for my failure. 
In 2 days time I'd be 20 years of age and I'm almost through with my NYSC programme next month and I'm not sure if I believe in God anymore. 
Note I still go to church most times when I'm under compulsion to go or I just feel like. I had some events that I feel might have triggered this new belief system of mine e.g:
I lost my mum and five years after that I lost dad too (lost them both at critical points in my life. I lost mum when I was barely in ss3 at age 14 and dad a month to my convocation ate age 19.) 
I always feel like if I hadn't been churchy I know I would have graduated with at least a 2:1 cos it took me 3 semesters to take my results from 3rd class to 2:2. 
I saw an article online today about one Taiwo Gold who recently denounced Islam and is now an atheist and trust me I see reasons with what the dude said cos I have most of those things in mind too and I had always talked and argued about them with my atheist roommate in school. 
Christians say Jesus is the way and Muslims will end in hell and Muslims say Allah's got no son just servants and Christians should brace themselves for janamah (pardon my spelling but the translation is HELL). 
So where does that live the sango and eledumare and other such worshipers
Those are the few and major events that I think might have got me in this confused state of mine. Please help me out. Is there God? Which way is the way? Is there Hell?? Is there an afterlife?? Please answer these questions with proofs please.
 This is called the 'baby stages' in Christianity. Anyone who has a proper answer for him please share.



  2. All religion know God exist. Christians calls him messiah, Muslims calls him Allah, yorubas calls him eledumare etc, depending on religion or tribe. So others preach God in different ways depending on there leaders e.g Christians through Jesus, Muslims through Mohammed, other religion with their founders. But the only religion that preaches salvation after death is Christianity.and bible says "Jesus is the only true way that leads to life and nobody can get to God except by him. Jesus became the only true way when he shield his blood on the cross for the atonement of mankind sins. Other ways are wrong ways. Gabriel.

  3. Please contact the Jehovah's Witnesses. They have the truth which will set you free. Trust me.

  4. Please contact the Jehovah's Witnesses. They have the truth which will set you free. Trust me.

  5. The fool has said in his heart there is no God....Psalms 14:1-7.

  6. The fool has said in his heart there is no God.....Psalms 14:1-7

  7. Hassan Aderemi16 August, 2016 23:09

    Honestly few comments have read here will be more confused to the already confused young guy because everyone is trying to advertised his/her religion as the best. The guy have said it all that adherents of Christianity & Islam claims if you follow other religion except their respectively you either end up in hell or jannamah (hell). In my own opinion, I believe there is God who gave life & death, who know what we'll become before our mother conceived us, if somebody die today, you will observe its only the heart that stop breathing while other part of the body might remain the same, so who does this ? Its God ! I will dvise the young guy, to pray fervently to God & ask for direction on which religion to follow, am very sure God will guide him alright.

  8. did I jst read Jehovah's witness above? if I hear! Guy, run back to God, through Jesus. HE SAVES!

  9. My dear, this is common among "religious" minded believers. Confusion reigns among all religions so the keep modifying.
    I am sure you studied hard to raise your GPA which sounds good, but you didn't say if you are confident with a sound practical knowledge of whatever course you read.
    If all you did was study to improve your result and not your knowledge of the course, I guess you must still be confused if it's actually a career for you.
    What I am saying is, you cannot know and understand God by mere being religious--you will be deceiving yourself. An earnest study of the word of God, Koran or eathist manual will guide your conviction that there's God.
    You either want to study to show off, know or believe, it's all your choice.

  10. Go to God in prayer, and give your life to Christ that all.

  11. Jesus is d wai, d truth n life, #shikena#..

  12. Please try and see the Jehovah's witnesses, they will be of help.
    Request for a copyof their book "WHAT THE BIBLE REALLY TEACH"
    You can as well visit www.jw.org -a site that provides answers to all possible bible question.

  13. Please try and see the Jehovah's witnesses, they will be of help.
    Request for a copyof their book "WHAT THE BIBLE REALLY TEACH"
    You can as well visit www.jw.org -a site that provides answers to all possible bible question.

  14. to hell with all religions! there is no help in religion.. u r as confused as both ur father and mother before you son.... give alms and seek to know god from within u and he will come to you

  15. Pls dear friend pick up your bible,study and pray....God sent jesus to save us...dnt let dat blood b in vein.trust God and ask him for direction.


    According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary the 6th Edition "ISLAM" is defined as "the muslim religion, based on belief in one GOD and REVEALED through MUHAMMAD as the prophet of ALLAH. But I will be explaining ISLAM based on my understanding beyond what the 6th edition of the oxford advanced learners dictionary entails.

    "ISLAM" truly is the religion of muslims as the oxford advance Learners dictionary rightly states but we have to explain it in details..
    "ISLAM" is an arabic word , it is coined from an arabic word SALAM meaning "peace" it is also derived from an arabic word "slm" meaning submission. In short, "ISLAM" means PEACE derived from the total submission to ALLAH... ALLAH? Yes ALLAH. You don't know what ALLAH is? I will also explain that based on my understanding..(Here I will have to digress a little bit to explain what ALLAH is and why MUSLIM prefer calling ALLAH to yahwe, God, Olorun, abasi, olayeanamenu(calabar) Oluwa, chineke,mai sheto, elohim, onunetata, chukwu, jehovah, ubangidi etc.

    At this juncture, I will say ALLAH isn't just an ARABIC word for OUR creator as other religious personalities will claim that they have the right to call the creator names in their dialect. I will like to lay an example of a christian friend on FACEBOOK whose name is BALARABE he is also one of the christian religion apologist, being fearful of the truth of ISLAM and out of sentiment,.He said "muslim can't call the creator any other name other than ALLAH because they know that ALLAH doesn't understand any other language than arabic", another said "ALLAH is a moon GOD and that's why the muslim always depend on the moon before they could start their fasting (RAMADAN)" despite the fact that it is contained in the muslim scripture(QURAN) that "and of ALLAH signs are the night and day and the sun and moon. Do not
    prostrate to the sun or to the moon but prostrate to ALLAH, Who created them, if it should be that ALLAH you worship"(QURAN 41:37). He even called me for a challenge on this. And that is why I will be writing this without reserving any apology to any religious personalities especially the so called christians in my generation and generations to come.
    Yes! ALLAH isn't just an arabic word for the cReATOr of heaven, earth and its contents but the most CORRECT, ACCURATE and most BEFITTING NAME on earth we can ascribe to the most HIGH unlike jehovah, yahwe, god, God, olorun, oluwa, eledumare, chineke, abasi, ubangidi etc.(Hope you are already getting the weakness in these names even before the explanation?) Good!.
    These names that is mentioned above did not only attenuated the creator of the universe, but also gave a free thinker(atheist) logical evidences to prove the absence of PRODUCER, MANUFACTURER, ORIGINATOR and CREATOR of the UNIVERSE even though it riots against mental faculty.

    Now I will be given evidences to substantiate my claims so that I will not be likened to other religious personalities, who practice blind believe. They do not put everything into test despite the fact that the bible instructed in 1 thessalonians 5:21"prove all things and hold to that which is good(truth)" what they do is just practicing blind faith, what they call on is holy spirit. Did u just say you know them? yes, They are the christians. I can remember the last time I had a dialogue with a pastor in my vicinity, after the dialogue with proves, while the dialogue was going on and he noticed he was not debating with a brain watched fellow ; He responded by praying for the holy spirit to descend as he said he was being tormented by evil spirit which created a big scenario; What a blind faith.

  17. EVIDENCE 1
    ALLAH! There is no god but ALLAH,--the LIVING, the self-subsisting, supporter of ALL, no slumber can seize ALLAH nor sleep. ALLAHs are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is thee can intercede in ALLAHS presence except as ALLAH permitteth? ALLAH knoweth what (appeareth to ALLAHs creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of ALLAH knowledge except if ALLAH will. ALLAHs throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth, and ALLAH feeleth no fatigue(weakness) in guarding and preserving them(creations): For ALLAH is the most HIGH, the SUPREME(IN GLORY) QURAN 2:255.
    Can anyone prove this wrong by providing( from any existing religious scriptures) a contradicting proofs or from any reliable sources where all the qualities I mentioned above was attributed to any other name on EARTH, in HEAVEN, or in the SEA. (I know u will skip to prove this wrong. There is no any not even in the christian bible).

    The PROPHET MUHAMMAD(pbuh) was asked by his contemporaries about ALLAH; the answer came directly from ALLAH in the form of a short chapter of the QURAN, which is considered the essence of unity or the motto of MONOTHEISM.
    "In the name of ALLAH most GRACIOUS, most compassionate. Say(O MUHAMMAD) ALLAH is ONE, The Everlasting refuge, WHO has not BEGOThEN nor has been BEGOTHEN, And there is NONE equal to ALLAH.(QURAN 112:1-4)
    NOTE: to prove this wrong also, quote a single chapter of any of your RELIGIOUS ScRiPtureS where this CHARAcTeRISTCS is attributed to your gods be it jehovah, yahwe, god, God, olorun, oluwa, eledumare, chineke, abasi, ubangidi etc..

  18. EVIDENCE 3

    First of all I will want my readers to know that everything created by our MANUFACTURER has a reason. The CREATOR has created two eyes and not one eye so that we can not just see but see clearly,to butress the importance of two eyes,let's try to put a thread through a needle with one eye (while the other is closed),how possible is it ? The CREATOR gave us nose, not just to breath but also to perceive. The best to CREATE has given us brain so that we could reason and if the PRODUCER doesn't want us to think about "HIM"(CREATOR), the CREATOR won't have gave us or will have just put it on limitation just as the eyes was limited and can not see its PRODUCER

    ALLAH is the only name that is befitted to our creator without no other name for example:
    (1)GOD. Yes.. Even this word doesn't befit the creator because our CREATOR said there is none like unto the CREATOR(HIM) but I comes to find out that the word God from the new (8th edition of the) oxford advanced learners,dictionary,the word 'God' had several meanings and definitions, which are not similar in anyway.
    DEFINITION 1 OF GOD: the being or spirit that is worshiped and is believed to have created the universe:
    DEFINITION 2 OF GOD: a being or spirit who is believed to have power over a PARTICULAR PART OF NATURE or who is believed to represent a particular quality.. And it lay an example of "the rain god". (Hope you already get what that stands for?
    DEFINITION 3 OF GOD: a person who is loved or admired very much by other people: this definition could simply means satan for his adherent, as satan also has fans, it means dr zakir naik is a bigger God as he has more than a billion fans all over the world, it means dr william campbell is a God on its own as he has many loved ones, it means president BuHARI is a god, No wonder some christians called JESUS the son of MARY prophet of the lost sheep house of Israelis(peace be upon him) as GOD.
    DEFINITION 4 OF GOD: something to which too much importance or attention is given to. From this definition.. We can affirm money as a GOD, television is also GOD, phone is also GOD, best clothes are GODs.
    DEFINITION 5 OF GOD: the seats that are high up at the back of a theatre. Imagine people sitting on a GOD. NOTE: the above definition are according to the 8th EDITION of the OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNERs DICTIONARY.

    STOP thinking that way!!! How could you think that way. You are challenging me already? Why?.. What if you are not writing? will you pronounce with SMALL LETTER. Writing might change but pronunciation won't indicate if actually meant god or GOD.
    OUT CREATOR IS UNIQUE. Nothing should share name with HIM(ALLAH) unlike the ISLAMIC ALLAH.. One word, one meaning.
    Let's prove further: see how they toy with the name of the ONE that is supposed to be the most RESPECTTED one in the heavens and in the earth.
    GOD + AWFUL. =GODAWFUL( check the meaning).etc

    Muslims will never call God as this name because of QURAN 112:1 " say, ALLAH is ONE and ONLY".
    There is nothing like ALLAHDESS, ALLAH FATHER or ALLAH abb(arabic name for father), ALLAHMOThER or ALLAH Umu(arabic name for mother), ALLAH DAUgHteR or ALLAHBINTu(arabic name for daughter) in arabic WORDS etc.. I am sure you are now getting it.

    (2)Did you want to ask me about YAHWE and JEHOVAH?.. Let me quickly ask you first......WHICH IS THE NAME FOR OUR CREATOR BETWEEN YAHWE ANd JEHOVAH? .. Oh.. You are shock already. I know u won't respond because these words doesn't have a good source. NoTE: YHWH: these letters are meaningless and both jehover and yahwe is derived from it.
    OUR CREATOR IS ONE AND ONLY.. So shall the NAME be,not pluralistic word.

  19. (3) OLORUN: olorun is a yoruba word and it doesn't beffit out CREATOR in any sense for olorun simply mean OLU-ORUN..OLU is shortened is coined from OLohun(owner of) while ORUN mean HEAVEN. in short, OLORUN means owner or controller of heavens. Interestingly, will you still refer to the creator of heaven and earth as olorun(you yoruba christians)?

    (4) OLUWA: this word should have been ok as it literarily means owner or controller of us(everything) the full is OLU= owner or controller of
    AWA=us or every thing.
    But unfortunately, this word as also been tampered with by the yoruba themselves as they refer to their kings as OLUWA, wives usually call their husbands ' OLUWA' and slaves refer to their masters as OLUWA.
    Base on the above REASONS and OTHER RESEASONS; the muslim world wouldn't refer to the CREATOR AS ' OLUWA'. It important to note that;
    GOD IS ONE AND ONLY (quran112:1)


  20. EVIDENCE 5

    ( The christian Bible also makes us understand that the creator of HEAVEN and EARTH was also called as ALLAH.)


    The question of translating God as ALLAH is hotly debated in non-arab land where many sincere christians were convinced that ALLAH is a false god. Ironically, this debate doesn't exist for arab christians, who have continually translated "elohim" and "theos"(the primary terms for God in Biblical hebrew and greek) as ALLAH from the earliest known Arabic Bible translation in the eight century till today. Most scholars agree that ALLAH is the Arabic cognate of the Biblical aramaic "elah" and hebrew "Eloah" which is the singular for elohim, a generic word for "GOD" used throughout the Old Testament. In fact, it is nearly impossible for linguistic to determine which of these three terms appeared first in the ancient near east. Or if they all derived from hypothesize proto-semitic language. Though precise origins are uncertained. As in english, the bible uses "elah" for both the most HIGH GOD and false gods - english uses capital and small letter "g" as a distinguish between these two (HIGH GOD and FALSE gods). By contrast, Muslims never used ALLAH to refer to a false god, but only the ONE TRUE GOD. As in the GOD of ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB.

    Muslim writer have been using "ALLAH" in their quotations of the christians bible since the ninth century. Jewish scholars have also been translating elohin and elah as "ALLAH" since the earliest known arabic translations of the "TORAH" in the ninth century until today. So inspite of the apparent differences in how GOD is understood according to Biblical and Quranic content. Arabic speaking jews, christians and Muslims have been addressing GOD as "ALLAH" over the last fourteen centuries.

    Nonetheless, many sincere missionaries who strive to be biblical and ton reject all muslim terminology, culture, and religious forms which they construe as "islamic" events element rooted in biblical and jewish and Christian origin. Issues of terminology for god are significantly convoluted when working with muslims in non arabic speaking lands where christians uses alternate term for God.

    Although millions of Arab and non arab christians worship god as "ALLAH", other non a ab Christians are susceptible to strong aversions toward using Allah for God when unaware of its history broader usage in the body of Christ. It is all too easy to misunderstand any foreign term when we do not know the language or the wider context of usage.

    Similarly, it is equally easy to gloss over the sordid history of many non Arabic terms Christian uses for God. The English word "God" , for example cm es from the pagan Germany "Gott", which was sued for the proper name for the chief tectonic deity Odiham, who loves on top of the world tree and created the first with his wife Freya, a blonde blue eye goddess of love fertility and beauty.

    Should english speaker stop addressing the most high as God? Inspite of its pagan origin and it's present use for false deities and the most high!? GOD is generally acceptable by the English speaker as the god of the bible and this is also perfectly accepted by English speaking christians.

    Allah by contrast share the same semitic root as biblical, hebrew and aramaic,is not presently used for false deities, and clearly understood by all arab christians and Muslims as the God of the bible. Allah is therefore perfect and acceptable by arab Christians.

  21. I am a student of comparative religious... My facebook I.D is OLUWAJUSTME JELIL ALABI. My whatsapp line is 07080209684... If truely you are seeking for salvation, make sure you contact me.. That's just little of my write up.. I base on evidences and fact. I do not practice blind belief.. ALLAH say in the QURAN 3:19 "THE ONLY RELIGION ACCEPTABLE IN THE SITE OF ALLAH IS ISLAM".. May peace be upon you.

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