Igbo Leaders cry out to President Buhari: We are marginalised

Some leaders of the South East have cried out to the Federal Government at a town hall meeting in Enugu that the Igbos are marginalised by the present administration. They are aware that most of them did not vote for the APC government in 2015 but they want the government to forget the past.

Speakers at the meeting, includes Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, traditional rulers, stakeholders enumerated areas of marginalisation to include appointments, budget allocations, infrastructural.

Lending his voice to the myriads of lamentations, former information minister, Chief Nnia Nwodo said the government is being slow in delivering whatever it has in stock for Nigerians.

“Can you hasten the pace at which policies are reached; we have listened to great programmes lined up for Nigerians, fantastic ideas but when will they be implemented?

“The people of this part of the country have felt marginalised for a very long time. You didn’t create states; when states were created we were short-changed. When local government was created we were shortchanged.

“I know local governments that are not as populous as two towns in my local government but they were given governments; military governors were giving out local governments. This administration does not look at the issue of restructuring Nigeria with a view to containing the eruptions in various parts of the country.

“The people of the South East feel they are still being punished because of the war. We want a country that is united and peaceful. All the economic efforts you are making will be useless without unity and love amongst us,” he said.

Earlier, Minister of Information and convener of the town hall, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said Enugu is the 5th in a series, which started in Lagos to bridge the gap between government and Nigerians.

He noted, “we are faced with two choices; whether to continue along the old path that had brought us to where we are today; or to chart a new course. We have chosen the latter simple because one cannot continue to do things the same way and expect a different result."


  1. Who marginalized them? Pls they just want Nigerians to see PMB in badlights.

  2. The Igbos still need to be patients with the President.

  3. I think it's better we have a referendum on this forced marriage and let the chips fall where they may.

  4. Rubbish! Arant nonsense! Why cry marginalisation when you are the real course of Nigeria problems? Your greediness caused Nigeria to be wallowing in poverty today. Nigerians should begin to ask for reparations from the igbos for the great disservice done to the nation. A South West regional government would have looked like London today. A South - south region would have looked like California today. A South - East region may have been another Japan in Africa while the northern region would have been like Syria today. PMB should not listen to them. Those that voted for him have not received dividend of democracy yet they are talking

  5. Interesting! Ds people neva realli talk wetin dey do dem..

  6. He is d gov of all, so he shld jst 4get d past

  7. they should calm down first and never to conclude


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