Jibrin Confesses: I received N650m illegal allowance, Dogara & Others got Billions

 The heat is still coming from Abdulmumin Jibrin, the Kano lawmaker at the centre of the unfolding budget padding scandal. He has confessed that he was also a beneficiary of a questionable office maintenance allowance for members of the House of Representatives, running into Billions.

Details of Jibrin’s confession:
The 10 principal officers who allegedly received billions in running cost allowance include Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, who allegedly got the largest share of N1.5 billion, Jibrin said.

Others are Deputy Speaker, Yusuf Lasun, N800 million; Majority Leader, Femi Gbajabiamila, N1.2 billion; his deputy, Buba Jibril, N1.2 billion; House Whip, Alhassan Doguwa, N1.2 billion; and his deputy, Pally Iriase, N700 million.

The rest are Minority Leader, Leo Ogor, N1.2 billion, his deputy, Chukwuka Onyema: N800 million, Minority Whip, Yakubu Barde, N700 million and his deputy, Binta Bello, N700 million.

Jibrin said he regretted taking the loot, and that he would explain how he used his ill-gotten N650m.

“I have records of how I spent every penny that I have taken. In fact, it has been published in a 150-page book,” Jibrin said. “However, I have never been comfortable with the money! Thank God the wasteful allowances regime has reached its Waterloo! The country and House will be better off!”


  1. look at who bundle up Nigerian money ....hmmm mysterious

  2. Hassan Aderemi28 August, 2016 16:33

    The more you look the less you see, imagine how they share monies among themselves & they will continue preaching endurance to the masses in the face of economy challenges.

  3. More confession wiv no action yet..

  4. The way APC go take scatter ehn ego baffle the devil himself.

  5. APC is a Party that symbolizes prostitution, different characters marrying themselves just to achieve a malicious aim, and you expect such union to work, soon it will be dog bite dog.

  6. hmmmmm, return yours first.

  7. They are rogues! Na me talk am.

  8. This is impunity of the highest oder waoooo with Buhari in power? Who can resque our blessed country? Nigeria masses should wake up, enough is enough


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