Jibrin Makes More Revelations: Omisore is Dogara’s godfather

Abdumumin Jibrin, former Appropriations Chairman of the House of Reps, had alleged that a former deputy governor of Osun state, Senator Iyiola Omisore, is the godfather of Speaker Yakubu Dogara.

In a letter addressed to APC Chairman, John Oyegun, Jibrin said he made “an error of judgement" in supporting Dogara to be the Speaker ahead of the party's choice, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila.

Jibrin said his relationship with Dogara began to suffer as he started getting reports of the Speaker’s alleged “corrupt practices.”

“We practically disagreed on almost everything. His godfather is Sen Iyola Omisore. Speaker Dogara is of the habit of taking standing committee chairmen to swear oath of allegiance before Omisore.

“During the build up to the appointment of committee chairmen, I had a terrible disagreement with him. I stayed far away from him.

“Who will I tell or run to having played such a leading role in bringing him on board? He operates alone, keep weird relationships with top politicians.

“I was in London when he insisted that he wanted to see me. He came to my hotel room and we talked for hours. I gave him a lot of advice, but I never knew it was getting in from one ears and out from the other,” Jibrin said.

The lawmaker added that Dogara was disloyal to the APC and predicted that he would soon plan an attack on the ruling party.

The lawmaker, who recalled “the leading role” he played in the emergence of Dogara, the Deputy Speaker, Lasun Yussuff and the House Chief Whip, Alhassan Doguwa in the current offices they occupy in the House, described the Speaker as “a green snake under green grass.”

Jibrin said, “The role I played, to the best of my conscience at then, sir, was patriotic. I analysed the two candidates (Dogara and Femi Gbajabiamila, who is not the Majority Leader of the House) and felt Speaker Dogara had a better temperament to make a good Speaker.

“It was a narrow line of thinking, an error of judgement. It took only few weeks after the election for me to realise the … inside the skin of Speaker Dogara. That was when I started getting reports of his … practices for many years in the House undetected. I fell apart will Speaker Dogara instantly. Contrary to public belief, we have never been close since few weeks after he emerged Speaker.

“We practically disagreed on almost everything. From the appointment of committee chairmen, to splitting of committees, to nondisclosure of the finances of the House, to his greed of unifying everything under his control, commercialisation of bills, divisive approach across ethnic and religious line, arrogance and power drunk, during the budget period among many others. But who will I tell or run to having played such a leading role in bringing him on board.”

The lawmaker said it was “a painful, frustrating and depressing period” for him.

I wish to state that I deeply regret the role I played in the emergence of Yakubu Dogara as Speaker. I seek the understanding and forgiveness from you, our leaders and every member of the APC family that was hurt by my action. Thank God Almighty, I am young and energetic. I will be 40 on September 9th. I promise that moving forward, I will dedicate and completely commit myself to achieving the goals set out by the party. This case should serve as a lesson for everyone in the future.”

“There is no better way of demonstrating our commitment to the fight against corruption than to use Speaker Yakubu Dogara and the 12 others as example...”