Mikel Obi’s Father Unhappy With Federal Government

Pa Michael Obi, father of national Under-23 team captain Mikel Obi, has expressed disappointment over the treatment of the team after winning bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Pa Obi said that he expected his son to lead the team to the country to be given a rapturous welcome and a presidential reception, but lamented the majority of the players left for their clubs after beating Honduras 3-2 in the bronze medal match to win Nigeria’s only medal at the Rio Games.
“I was surprised to read that there are no plans to receive the team. It is very unfair, especially after the team won the only medal at the Games.”

“The least they had expected was a hero’s welcome and a presidential handshake to appreciate their superlative performance, especially when nobody had expected that they would go far at the Games.

“I had expected Mikel to lead the team back to Nigeria, accorded a befitting reception, before going back to their various clubs. This is want an appreciate sports authorities and the Federal Government would have done. 

“We are all aware of the shoddy preparations for the Games and how they were stranded in another country before they got to the venue, a few hours to the start of their first game against Japan. Despite this, they struggled to make the country proud and if this is all they could get for their efforts, I think it’s very unfortunate,” Pa Obi told Punch in Jos.


  1. Very unfortunate. All Nigeria sport bodies need overhaul

  2. Nigeria!!! Always playing politics with everything.

  3. Hassan Aderemi26 August, 2016 11:39

    No matter what, hey deserves to be celebrated for making us proud in RIO Olympics.

  4. Pa Obi should know that Nigeria is broke, and beside what we expected from them was gold not bronze. Nigeria do not celebrate failure

  5. He spoke well, d guys put in dere best afterall, dey should b appreciated..

  6. It will be well with Nigeria

  7. Dey do not prepare well before the olypic. So u don't have 2 blame they but the government @ u spaco


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