Naija Lady Cries: My Husband is pushing me to go for abortion

I wonder why people find it easy to kill a child, the action that you do not know the consequences...
Wife's story: I beg of you to keep all my details private, I don't know what I would do if this portion of my life leaks to the public. 
It pains me to be at such a point that I have to write anonymously into a blog. It's hard because I can't share this with anyone, so I've been battling it alone. 
I met my husband 3 years ago, and we did our traditional marriage this summer. We have not yet done our church wedding. For a while I started noticing a change in my body, and friends kept teasing that I look pregnant. So I decided to take a pregnancy test and discovered that l was pregnant.
I felt a small burst of joy because I had never imagined myself ever being pregnant, but that joy ended quickly because he was not excited and suggested I abort it. He said that he is not ready for a child yet, and that he has so much more he wants to do with his life
I went on to tell him that I am ready and that no matter the circumstance, the baby is already here. He told me that he does not operate like that and that gone are the days when people go on with things because they're already in a situation. 
I started crying and asking him why he would put me through this. Whenever I would try to explain my feelings to him he won't even give me the audience, he has not even made any effort to console me or make me feel better about the situation. 
I finally told him that I will go ahead and abort my baby, but when I do that will be the end of us, because I don't see how someone that claims to love me can put me through such a situation (abortion). I am so drained because I find myself crying and not eating these days. 
I have not told anyone so I am facing this alone. It pains me even more because my husband is the first and only man I've slept with and the first man I've ever loved. I feel like a rejected woman and not a good wife. 
Please someone help me, I need to hear some words of wisdom and advice.


  1. Pray hard. May God see you through

  2. So pathetic! I will advice u involve ur in laws nd ur parents since d traditional aspect is done, don't go 4 abortion pls! Though you didn't specify if u r working or schooling! All d same, keep it nd God will 4give nd help u out.

  3. I will advice you not to abort the pregnancy. If after dis abortion you find it difficult to be pregnant again, dis same man will leave you to marry someone else. Pls use your brain earky to know that d man is not a right choice for you

  4. I will advice you not to abort the pregnancy. If after dis abortion you find it difficult to be pregnant again, dis same man will leave you to marry someone else. Pls use your brain earky to know that d man is not a right choice for you

  5. It doesn't make sense to end the relationship after the abortion. Simply have your baby and take a walk with your baby if he doesn't want you

  6. My dear sister it is not worth it,keep your baby and leave him,he is not your real husband

  7. Hassan Aderemi20 August, 2016 19:51

    This is a dicey situation, but there is a way out, just have it in mind that abortion is one of the sins detested by Almighty God, who knows what the unborn baby will become in future? The mother of a popular footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, once said she nearly aborted the pregnancy of the Cristiano Ronaldo but later left the pregnancy, see today the same CR7 has given his home country Europe trophy in football & do same for his club sides both Manchester United & Real Madrid football club &has won world best footballer 3 times. If the your acclaimed husband is not ready for the baby, you should do, since you are on your family way already, all it require is to double your efforts, to cater for the pregnancy & the baby after. Try to convince your acclaimed husband through his best friend or family members to see the danger in abortion, what if you died in the process or it damage your womb & you might not be able to conceive again in life? The coming of the child might be a pathfinder or gate way to success for you & your husband, your fiance seems to have been enveloped by fear of unknown. If after all the plea, the man still proof defiant, you just leave the pregnancy & carry on with your life. God Almighty will see you through this difficult situation. (Ameen)

  8. Plz do not try to abort dat pregnancy for it is against the scriptures, think of the future of that child, ur so called husband might not be there for u 2mrw, think twice nd do d right thing for the future of that child and u will c the handwork of God in u for standing on his word. life is too short.

  9. Humans could b extremely selfish, its best nt 2 abort, keep d baby n anitin dt cums outta it face it wiv gud fate..


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