Naija Lady runs away on her wedding day after discovering her husband is not a Chevron Staff

Too many misguided folks going into marriage with selfish agendas and they expect to be loved. Lol!

A Facebook user NkiruHomann shared the crazy story of how a Nigerian lady cancelled her wedding abruptly after she discovered on their wedding day that the man she's getting married to is not the Cheron staff he had told her he was before she agreed to marry him. Lol! The story...

Bride just discovered on wedding morning that her husband-to-be is actually not A Chevron Staff.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Badoo etc all said he was a Chevron staff, but the truth was revealed.

And the bride-to-be who want to marry "a rich man" started crying and running....Noooo ohhhh. Lol!


  1. Hassan Aderemi15 August, 2016 15:53

    The guy ought not to have lied to hook the lady, hope the lady realise no condition is permanent, the guy might end up as a richer man tomorrow.

  2. Greedy and selfishness killing ladies. good for her.

  3. If she cancelled their wedding simply because she discovered that her husband to be not a Chevron staff ,that means she will not to be able to be a good wife. Bcus she is after good things of life.

  4. She loves the money more than her happiness. Why she can't marry the if he is not a chevron staff......

  5. Na moni she dey find, no b luv..

  6. Why shud he lie?...simply means he has other things to hide!..one day she'll be in the house and someone will appear with children claiming to be his wife!...abeg,she shud run for her life ooo....ruuun veery faaar!!!

  7. Is just because she don't love him she just love thé position,just to say her husband is a Chevron staff lol just to put herself in the High level when she will be with her friends.is better she run away because this man would have sofa on her hands lol


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