Nigeria Police rescue 3-day-old Baby stolen from the hospital

Police in Imo state has rescued a 3-day old baby born to the family of Mr & Mrs Oluebube Ekwedike of Umuezealaowerre Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State.

While reuniting the baby with his parents on Monday, the state Police Commissioner, Taiwo Lakanu, said the baby was stolen by unknown child thieves barely 48-hours after the baby was given birth to at the Chukwunonso Maternity in the state.

He said that after the issue was reported to the police, the men of the command swung into action and arrested two suspects who were at the verge of selling off the baby.

It was reported by Channels TV that, the mother of the baby, 21yrs old Uchechi Ekwedike, who could not hide her joy seeing her baby again, said she was tricked by the culprits in order to steal her baby.

While speaking to reporters in an incoherent manner, the prime suspect, Mrs Ngozi Anyanwu, said that the act was not intentional as it was targeted at the owner of the maternity home who she claimed was owing her some amount of money prior to the incidence.


  1. This world is really coming to an end because the sort of atrocities going on is super crazy. Lord help us.

  2. Hassan Aderemi23 August, 2016 13:17

    If the owner was owing her money, is the stealing of the patient's baby should be the next option? When you have been prosecuted tell the judge that same story & earn yourself jail term.

  3. Tinz we hear lateli, baffles 1..


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