Nigeria Was Broke Since... Okonjo-Iweala Begged Me Not To Say The Truth – Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transportation, has revealed that Nigeria went into recession under the watch of Goodluck Jonathan but the government only covered it up by saying it was cash-strapped.

Amaechi, who spoke on The Osasu Show, said Okonjo-Iweala begged him to stop saying Nigeria was broke at the time. He was then the chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF).

He said the economy went into a recession due to reckless borrowing.

When asked about the recession of the Nigerian economy, Amaechi said: “People just pick up words without knowing what words mean. Even under Goodluck we went into recession.

“I am one of those who participated in the budget. We looked at what happened in the past and we discovered that actually if recession means three times (three quarters of negative economic growth), we have done more than the three times before we came in.

“The difference is that while our government is transparent and open, we are able to admit that, federal government was saying even to me as chairman of governor’s forum, ‘Amaechi, don’t say that again’.

“If you remember as Governor, I said we’re broke. The minister for finance came to my office in Abuja here and pleaded with me that I shouldn’t say it again.

“That if I said it, it would affect Nigeria in terms of investment that investors will run away. That I shouldn’t say we are broke. I should say we are cashed strapped. That was what Ngozi Okonjo Iweala told me.

“So I knew as chairman of Governor’s forum, that we had gone into recession under Goodluck. I knew as chairman of governor’s forum. And when I open my mouth to say it, that we are broke, she spoke to me not to say it.”


  1. Dear Dr.Rotimi Amaechi.For you to have stopped letting Nigerians know about what you see in Nigeria's Economy at that time simply because Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala asked not to simply shows you are not patriotic enough. It shows that you were not sure of what you were saying. You are in the bus with Okonjo Iweala.
    Dont come out here and say you said it.If you said then who heard you Sir.Mr.Minister.
    You all are the same spacie.
    If you have any idea of how to revamp this dronwing economy please tell PMB. and stop saying what has gone in the past.

  2. And why are u opening ur mouth now sir? Why are u saying it now that its worse already? Why didn't u say it when it was not this late? It will be better if u will tell us a way out now than to be bringing up the fast cos it won't help us in anyway

  3. Seriously, Don Fortunato Jonathan & Okonjo Iwela government did alot hams than good to their country.
    Bcos of their reckless spending and corruption our country unable to perform as suppose to

  4. The Minister is right. I think people now know the truth.


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