Nigerian Man Dies From Drink Poison after Winning N2million & Celebrating with Friends

Sad way to end! The choice of celebrating in a "joint" after winning Sports Betting has claimed it first casualty in Calabar, as a man lost his life after being poisoned while drinking with friends.

A source told Brain News that one Mr. Orok who won N2million from Bet9ja, a football betting firm in Calabar, died after celebrating his "big win" with friends at a drinking joint.

Orok (surname withheld) who was also a staff of Bet9ja was allegedly poisoned by unknown persons.

According to a closed friend, Orok died after vomiting blood.

The deceased is a native of Calabar South, a local government in Cross River State and resides in Mount Zion Lane. He was buried early Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at the Goldie Cemetery.


  1. All those sitting with him in that bar must be thoroughly investigated. Gosh! He should have known better.

  2. Wicked world we live in, u can neva knw wuh's running tru d minds of ur so called fwends..

  3. Unfriendly friends chai. God have mercy on our sinful soul

  4. Hassan Aderemi25 August, 2016 19:54

    They should just look for those that drank with him & comb some other unsuspecting areas.


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