Nigeria's Mario Economy and The Way Forward

written by Egbeolowo-Ridwan
I write as a Bonafide citizen of Nigeria
I write as a compos mentis Homo Sapien
I write as a political and social animal
I write as Albert Estein of the Century

Am glad when it said *Thy glory, O Israel is slain upon high places:
How are the mighty fallen!

*Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon; lest the daughters of the philistines rejoice, and lest the daughters of the uncircumcised exalt. That is the case when the hobo from the hobo-camp pejoratively hobnobs with the hobgoblin. Nigerians have been bamboozled, razzle-dazzle, razzmatazz politically.

Detonating from the grandiloquence of my academic reservoir, where I became lachrymose in my Explicandum, Explication and Elucidation of the debilitating and oscillating economic situation of my dear country.

I am happy to use this opportunity to express my bitter experience and hardship that is now a cankerworm in Buhari’s Nigeria. It is no more news that Nigeria’s struggling economy is finally and technically in recession as opines by minister of finance which is now on the track with no hope of coming to a favorable end. The Nigerian economy just now is on the verge of epilepsy which has put the Nigerian citizen in what I Call Happy-Go-Lucky* and desultory attitude. The Nigeria Mario Economy of Today has anomalously caused a Proliferate unabated skyrocket cost of living in our milieu.

Nigeria as a consuming nation rather than a producing nation is not only alarming but also uncalled for , that a third world nation like Nigeria prefer consumption to production which has caused more injury and danger on her economy in the past and in years to come if care is not taken. I think at this juncture the president or the federal government just now needs to be economically indigenous through the aims of promoting Nigerian made product rather than Loafing around the international community for goods importation *exempli gratia* the importation of toothpick which is still on for now, is it that we don’t have the natural or artificial ingredient/atonement to produce it or what?

Productivity simply means a combination of effectiveness and efficiency combination of human resources, material resources and natural resources.Increased productivity is very vital for the health of the country because it will help to improve the conditions of the environment, enhance security and improve the standard and quality of life of the citizens.

This is why David Ricada in his study of population said that food needs to grow at a geometrical rate in order to meet the demand of the growing population. This emphasizes the need for increased productivity.

Well, I am not surprised because That’s the case and outcome for a nation who prefer consumption to production, a nation that find it difficult to increase his level of production ahead of consumption will definitely have problems in the nearest future. and also, My pity does not only go to the average man on the street that has to take home 18k minimum wage as salary or less but what the future hold for us as a nation.

The current economic situation of Nigeria has left her citizens in a desultory attitude to the extent at which the hope and survival of the common man on the street is in a state of oblivion while majority of our leaders live in peasanted luxury and propensity solitude.

This is sardonic,lugubrious, contumelious, opprobrious and exigent. The most exasperating of all is the security issue that our leaders hold with levity hand, like my usual saying *we voted for change, he got victory but what we get in return, what we get in appreciation is the colossal, gargantuan and humongous high cost of living which is radically and critically affecting the Nigerian citizen to the extent at which some are now into one or two forms of vices such as Kidnapping, armed robbery, terrorism et cetera which threatens the very fabric of the Nations economy.

I think if there is humongous high cost of living, at least the security and welfare of the people should be a priority and subject of importance as entrenched in the 1999 constitution section14 (2B) rather than taken it with levity hand. After more than a year in office, I think one can give a preliminary assessment of the performance of the Buhari administration vis a vis its campaign promises.

Generally I think the government has failed to fulfill most of its campaign promises especially in the area of economy. Even in the fight against corruption, as Rev. Father Kukah rightly said, the anti-corruption fight is targeted at individuals instead of empowering the relevant institutions to fight corruption and also address the factors responsible for corruption in our system.

FINALLY, I am using this media platform to crave the APC- LED-ADMINISTRATION THAT FOLLOWING THEIR ANTECEDENT AND PEDIGREE WE KNOW THEM, THEY SHOULD PROVE THEIR CHANGE Mantra and stop blaming the past administration because that was the main reason why my fellow Nigerians opted for change in 2015.

Enough of this political somnambulism and malocclusion, political tribalism and political witch-hunting. And also, It is very sad to know about the recent *I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE ACCOMPANIED BY TRIBAL MANIFESTATION THAT GREETED our Dear PRESIDENT* the president as a matter of fact needs to educate its people on the importance of living together and the positive impact of Esprit De Corps.

The president just now needs to show more than a Lethargic, more than a complacent; more than a passive interest in ensuring the unification of its people otherwise nepotism, tribalism, impunity and ethnicity would be the order of the day.

There are circumstantial evidence on tribal manifestation that greeted our dear president, a cornucopia evidence that suggest what was to be demonstrated by our dear President.

What are the circumstantial evidence?
1. A couple of weeks ago a 73 year old Christian grandmother was beheaded in Kano because she asked some Muslims to stop washing their feet in front of her door before their prayers.

2. A few days later a female pastor of the redeemed church of God was hacked to pieces by a mob of Muslims in the Kubwa district of Abuja simply for doing her morning cry of evangelism and urging the people to give their lives to Christ.

3. not too long after that two hundred Muslim youths burnt down a catholic church claiming that they had no right to go to church on Friday because it was the Muslim day of worship.

4. The Benue massacre orchestrated, animated and masterminded by the Fulani Herdsmen. 

Considering the Aforementioned one can quickly say tribalism is on the rise because our Government appears to be encouraging it by allowing injustice to pass by without doing the need be to put justice at the prevailing point. This is sardonically lugubrious, enervating, erroneous, exasperating, attenuating, disgusting, horrific and unpleasant to the ears. Then I ask myself this rhetorical question; Are southerners and Christians not Nigerians as well? For how long will this racism go on? Does the principle of federal character still in place?





Having shown understanding and having explained the extenuating circumstances why these blusters are occurring. An attempt would be made to dish out ways in which the federal government can increase the level of production/productivity prone economic growth.

The Solutions are;
1. Develop high-yield crops. 
Increased research into plant breeding, which takes into account the unique soil types of Africa, is a major requirement. A dollar invested in such research by the CGIAR consortium of agricultural research centres is estimated to yield six dollars in benefits.

2. Boost irrigation. 
With the growing effects of climate change on weather patterns, more irrigation will be needed. Average yields in irrigated farms are 90% higher than those of nearby rain-fed farms.

3. Increase the use of fertilizers. 
As soil fertility deteriorates, fertilizer use must increase. Governments need to ensure the right type of fertilizers are available at the right price, and at the right times. Fertilizer education lessens the environmental impact and an analysis of such training programs in East Africa found they boosted average incomes by 61%.

4. Improve market access, regulations, and governance.
Improving rural infrastructure such as roads is crucial to raising productivity through reductions in shipping costs and the loss of perishable produce. Meanwhile, providing better incentives to farmers, including reductions in food subsidies, could raise agricultural output by nearly 5%.

5. Make better use of information technology.
Information technology can support better crop, fertilizer and pesticide selection. It also improves land and water management, provides access to weather information, and connects farmers to sources of credit. Simply giving farmers information about crop prices in different markets has increased their bargaining power. Esoko, a provider of a mobile crop information services, estimates they can boost incomes by 10-30%.

- Egbeolowo-Ridwan