Obama returns home with his family from two weeks vacation

America's first family returned to the seat of power - Washington DC - after their last trip to Martha's Vineyard before the end of Barack Obama's presidency in a few months.

Despite the 16 days of rest and relaxation, the president may have a lot on his mind.

The catastrophic floods in Louisiana will be one of such issues. Obama is readying himself to visit the area where 13 people have already died due to massive floods that damaged about 40,000 homes and displaced 4,000 people.


  1. Vacation enjoyment..

  2. Thank God say na u talk am say Obama get many tins wey Hin dey tink. Naija government go c am one of dose tins. Country wey good good but d one wey don bad needs too much prayers, like Naija

  3. Hassan Aderemi22 August, 2016 21:24

    That's reason he was elected as President, after vacation work begins


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