Oh Dear! Assassins r*pe wife in husband's presence, kill them & kidnap their 3 kids

Some people are really heartless! There was pandemonium in Okwelle community, in Onuimo area of Imo State after a couple were murdered by some guys suspected to be assassins.

It was said that the assailants had stormed the couple’s house on Saturday evening wielding cutlasses and other weapons. Sadly, they allegedly took turns to molest the wife in the presence of her husband and their children, after which the couple were hacked to death.

It was learnt by Punch that the assailants subsequently fled with the deceased’s three children. Police spokesman in Imo, who confirmed the incident, said the cause of the attack had yet to be ascertained. He added that some arrests had been made in connection with the killings.

However, a resident of the community, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the husband had a serious disagreement with a woman lately:

“I got to know about the incident from a friend, who is a neighbour of the couple. I learnt the husband had a quarrel with a woman who followed the assassins to deal with the family. His wife was r*ped and given matchete cut and the killers went with their three children. The woman has been arrested.”

Police PRO said they are making efforts to get the killers and rescue the abducted children safely.