August 23, 2016

OH DEAR | Single Mum disappears after dropping Suicide Note

Things are getting tough for more people by the day, some even say it has never been this bad before.

This beautiful woman, Ms Olubunmi Uko, is said to have been complaining to her relative that her business had gone bad due to the exchange rate and that her debts had risen beyond redemption.

Tension has heightened over the disappearance Olubunmi, a mother of three and single parent.

Ms Olubunmi, a businesswoman, reportedly walked out of her home last Friday evening with her last child, identified as Seun. She reportedly woke up her other children and informed them that she was going to visit someone.

The children, Iyiola and Toni, woke up later that morning to find a suicide note written by their mum.

A relative, who simply gave his name as Folu, told Vanguard: “She addressed the suicide note to her children, her mother and to any other person concerned. She said nobody should bother to look for her, that she was going to jump into the river and end it all.

“She said she was tired of life. She also said that by the time the letter would be seen, she would have ended inside the belly of a Shark.

“She had always complained of dwindling business due to high exchange rate. At a point, she complained that she owed people and had no means to pay back. She also said that she borrowed half a million naira to offset the loan, but decided to use it on her business with the hope to realise some gain, but that the money ended up sinking in the business.”

It was gathered that prayer sessions are ongoing at different prayer centres for her safe return.

Another relative, Mimnimah Uko, who identified the missing woman as her cousin-in-law, wondered why she would allow herself to be overwhelmed by the issues of life to the extent of taking such decision as solution.

The relative said: “Our prayer is for God to have mercy by ensuring her safe return and that of her son, Seun. We are imploring Nigerians to please join us to pray.”


samaila sulaiman said...

Hope she's found soon

Hassan Aderemi said...

We pray she return home alive, being in a problem is not the end of life, things can change for better over night.

Harbolarkale Niyi said...

Suicide is not the best option for the wahala on ground. It's happening to everyone

Kay Heavy said...

Y suicide? Life is good,,,what we ar passing tru is temporary! So let's hope 4 d best

SPACO said...


ats three said...

Lord have mercy. I hope she and her child are safe.

poormandesofa said...

may Allah because of the innocent little child she took with her make her rescind on her decision.

inumidun said...

Hope she's found alive..

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