A reader of OluFamous.Com sent this to me that I should help him publish so Mr Tony Elumelu, the Chairman of Heirs Holdings can see it, hopefully it would touch him and he would help:

To; Mr. Tony Elumelu
Chairman Heir Holdings
My name is Omoesho Oluwaseun, a native of Yewa South in Ogun state. I am 25 years old. Sir, I am writing you this letter because I believe you are among the great Nigerians who believe in what the youth of this country has to offer, you believe in youth
with great potentials.
You have demonstrated a fatherly role to so many Nigerians in the spirit of a better Nigeria tomorrow. 
Sir, I have a dream and passion to be a football coach like my dad, Coach E.A MOSO who coached TEAM NIGERIA (Swimming) to Beijing Olympic games in 2008 and World Swimming Championships in United Arab Emirate (2011), Turkey (2013) and the last in Russia (2015),  respectively. 
Sir, I have counted the cost to study football management in United Kingdom but I am far from reaching my dream and I am using this medium to appeal to you, kindly help this young Nigerian and help build a greater tomorrow in sport development in our country Nigeria. Remain blessed sir.
Omoesho can be reached through email:


  1. Omoesho should be thinking of farming, having a big rice farm or poultry farm which is what Nigerians need now.

  2. Hope he gets a positive response..

  3. Hassan Aderemi22 August, 2016 22:28

    My own letter to the respected Tony Elumelu, is a job opportunity for youth, people finds it hard to take three daily squarely meal, things are very hard. Hope a kind hearted like him can help us out with job. I need good job too.


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