PHOTOS: Aisha Buhari arrives America in style

Some people who call themselves Wailers will not like these photos. The say Aisha Buhari is afraid to visit the US for fear of being arrested for her alleged role in bribery. She has dragged Ayo Fayose, the governor of Ekiti State, to court for the "reckless" allegation.

Funny enough, now that she has traveled to the US, the Wailers have changed their mouth. They are now saying she has Diplomatic Immunity, so she won't be arrested. Lol! See more photos...

Here's first lady Aisha Buhari live in America.


  1. Wailers going to wail


  2. na waaooooo.is dere anytin like diplomatic immunity? notin wey mad man fayose and crazy dude fanny no go say.d woman dey us nw,make una go america wit una evidence.awon were dede.

  3. Don't just listen to people simple

  4. She could be worse than her husband if given the power. She's so power hungry. People are suffering and she's all over the place. Where did she get the money to be flying all over the place with private plane and a retinue of staff? SMH

  5. All those wailers are just frustrated people.

  6. Good one, hope Fayose will see him.


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