Photos: Governor Fayose HEALS A Cripple?

These pics shared Toheeb Gbadero show how Governor Ayo Fayose commanded a young man who could barely walk to stand up, and he did to the surprise of all. Fayose the Prophet? *Smiles*

I hear he later gave the man some cash for the usual "stomach infrastructure".


  1. So fayose is now a prophet? Anything just to be in the good book.

  2. All things are possible.

  3. If he is a true believer, yes he can. The power is available to all who believe and excecise it. Having the power however does not guarantee automatic ticket to heaven. Without holiness, no man will see God, we will all stand before the throne of judgment to give account how we live our lives. Murderers, liars, cheats will not make it.

  4. Hahaha wonders shall never end, his deceiving him self


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