August 30, 2016

Police Stray Bullet Kills Married Man With 5 Childen In Lagos

Drivers of mass transit buses yesterday boycotted Okoko/CMS route to protest the alleged killing of one of their colleague on Sunday evening by a Mobile policeman.

The deceased, identified simply as Fatai was said to have been hit by a stray bullet from a Mobile policeman at Doyin bus-stop in Orile area of Lagos.

The policeman with an undisclosed identity, who was said to be escorting a jeep, reportedly fired shots into the air apparently to disperse vehicles which were on the road, only for a bullet to hit the mass transit bus driver.

One of the drivers, Ishola Manni, who spoke with this Vanguard, said: Our friend and colleague, Fatai popularly called Oshe, was killed by a Mobile policeman on Sunday. He died leaving behind a wife and five children. Who will take care of them? he asked.

An eye witness, Ebere Madu explained that: “I was attending to some customers when we heard some gun shots. Everyone ran away, thinking it was a robbery operation, but by the time the whole place was calm, we were told that a man who was hit by a stray bullet fired by a Mobile policeman was lying in the pool of his blood.

"When the Policeman realised what happened, he disappeared from the scene, leaving the vehicle he was escorting.

Boys in the area swung into action and arrested an occupier of the jeep whom they handed over to policemen at Orile division. The corpse was taken to the police station, from where it was taken to another location.”


inumidun said...


samaila sulaiman said...

Na wa ooo

ats three said...

That's illegal discharge and the said officer should be charged for man slaughter. RIP to the dead.

Harbolarkale Niyi said...

So sad

Hassan Aderemi said...

Haba! May their souls RIP

Anonymous said...

Police is our friend but they bend in destroying the lives and properties they suppose to protect and probably they are abiding armed robberies if not what is the identity of person he is escorting?

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