Pregnant Lady and Her Boyfriend Arrested for Armed Robbery

Things like this often happen when folks refuse to live right. A suspected robber who is pregnant is in police custody after she was caught together with her boyfriend in possession of a pistol.

The two were arrested on Thursday in a Nanyuki-bound commercial bus at a big terminus in Kenya, attempting to flee from the police.

The suspects Vanessa Wambui alias Tisho and Alex Mathenge were found in possession of a pistol with five rounds of ammunition recovered, with ten rounds spent in previous robberies.

News Hour reported that they were spotted at a different terminus in Nyeri town where they boarded a bus but later alighted leaving luggage behind after spotting police officers patrolling the area.

Police moved in on the suspects who have been on security watch list after police were alerted of a couple behaving suspiciously.

Witnesses say the two acted very suspiciously, the woman was carrying a leso full of clothes while the boyfriend kept alighting from the vehicle eyeing the surroundings.

“They picked the back seat then the woman sat on her handbag which is very unusual,” said a witness quoted by Nairobi News.

The area commander said the lady appears harmless but she's one of the most feared criminal around.

“She does not appear to be a criminal but she is one of the most feared. There is a likelihood that many more women have been inducted into criminal gangs since physical appearance does not give away a criminal easily,” he said.

Police in the area said the couple is linked to a series of robberies reported in the town.