President Buhari to probe constituency project, budget padding

The Presidency has reacted to the budget padding row in the House of Representatives, promising to probe the allegation and other related cases.

Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Mallam Abubakar Malami (SAN) said the government would “take action” based on the probe outcome.

Malami said the administration of President Buhari would probe executive and legislative conspiracy on constituency projects.

Malami, who spoke with Nation, said government’s action on padding would lead to the blocking of fraudulent leakages. He said:
“We will investigate the executive and legislative conspiracy as it relates to constituency projects with a view to measuring the art of execution of the padded projects over the years. 
“In so doing, we will learn our lessons in the budget and its implementation as a law with the aim to prosecute infractions and block leakages inherent in the padding process. 
“Action must naturally be taken in the interest of the nation for efficient utilisation of our commonwealth and blocking of fraudulent leakages.”
A source in Abuja told OluFamous.Com that President Buhari won't be a party to any political and other forms of private settlement, saying anyone found wanting will face the law.


  1. That's the best thing to do Mr President, good moves

  2. That's good. If not people will loose hope in PMB government and his election promises

  3. Please do it. Anybody that is guilty show pay for his or her crime. Look at how our money is going to very few while majority suffer.

  4. Hassan Aderemi08 August, 2016 16:25

    Somebody must be made a scapegoat on this corrupt cases.


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