President Muhammadu Buhari Is Not The Problem

by Michael Oche
This is another phase of political turbulence affecting the development of our beloved Nation Nigeria. As a patriot, I stand for growth, I stand for development, I stand for one love and I stand for compatriotism on how the country could take its normal tier of greatness.

It’s just unfortunate these predicaments are still affecting the federal republic of Nigeria. Whatever we face today, it is a matter of time. I’m so bewilder concerning all the conditions, pains and austerity that clouded not me alone as a person, but Nigeria as a whole.

Why am I saying these things?
– some people are craving for a new country called BIAFRA, some are giving the president unprinted names, while some just want to talk. Some Muslims have taken weapon against the Christian – stop them not to have services on Fridays, that Friday days belong to them; they even killed a Christian woman who went out for morning cry (evangelism) during Muslim’s fasting period and nothing is done about it.

Besides, the Avengers are ready to shade more bloods and destroy more properties, the petty thieves, arm-robbers are recruiting more gangs, and the kidnappers are strategizing using modern ways of kidnapping; is it the corrupt politicians, the list is endless. It’s unfortunate that we the patriots are surrounded by all these vices. I am dumbfounded, and in the mode of perplexity for what is befalling Nigeria. Fight in the North; if it’s not Muslims, it will be the Christians; Niger Delta boys destroying pipelines, they have upgraded to a new name called the AVENGERS, or is it BIAFRA guys creating rancor in order to have a country for themselves.

If you ask, who is the actual cause of all these? We will all say the cause is President Buhari. But why is it President Buhari? You take arms, you destroy the nation’s resources, you take knife and guns, you kill for religion motives, people of like minds wanted to form unknown country to cause political instability and you say, the problem is President Buhari, how is it president Buhari. You are the one that decided to form gangs, bandits to assassinate and steal.

The problem is not the president, but the one that commits the atrocity, the problem is the one that take the action, the problem is the person that is create the havoc, the problem is you. And as a Nigerian, if you cease to understand the predicament that is affecting Nigeria, rather you are pursuing your selfish ends –you are the problem. Avengers destroying the Nation’s resources are the problem, the killing of Christians and the Muslims - they are the problem, the looting of Nigeria’s wealth by corrupt politicians for their selfish motive are the problem.

Nigeria has been in the dark for the past sixteen years irrespective of all the available resources and boomed Economy, still there wasn’t chaos. President Buhari just came into power and we all expect him to normalize everything within two years. The crude oil resources, which has been our major revenue is been affected, where do you want him to get revenue from, or is it money that is looted and sent overseas, or is when he became the president that barrel of crude oil has fallen drastically to nothing, and you still say he is the problem, how is he the problem?

 You are the problem of Nigeria. If you sit down and do nothing for the growth and development of Nigeria, you are the problem, because the saying is true that bad people will continue doing bad things if the good people sit down and do nothing. You needed a Nation, you kill, you destroy and after you might have gotten that nation, did you think killing and destruction will stop?

Some group of people called themselves BIAFRA, they said they are the Igbo Communities, and most of the Igbo communities are where they are refusing to go to the states that they wanted to declare BIAFRA because they believe that those people are only doing it for their selfish purpose. Some people called themselves AVENGERS destroying the nation’s resources while the citizens of that states are getting angry, throwing curses at them, knowing well that they are only doing it for their selfish benefits.

Note: The Bible and Koran say, we should pray for our leaders. The unity that brought us together should not be looked down upon. So let redirect our strengths and intelligence from the negatives vices of tearing the country apart into building it to one big powerful Nation. Take note, President Buhari is the only bitter chloroquine pills that can cure our malaria. Prof. Wole Soyinka said it, T.B. Joshua is preaching it, and I, Oche stand on it…. One Love!