See National Assembly Constituency Projects Allocation 2016 [infographic]

From the details, Osun State where the Deputy Speaker of the House of Reps comes from has highest allocation for the constituency projects, a total of N5.94bn. Below are the details for Bukla Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu, senate president and deputy senate president's states:

Hopefully, Nigerians in the constituencies will benefit from the projects, everyone will be watching.


  1. Seen, hope dey use it judiciously..

  2. Which kin Yeye project dey wanna do? Na fake joor

  3. I don't trust these people with this constituency project money oo. The money should be given to various ministries in charge of such projects to handle it if not, it will end up in the senators and house of Reps members accounts

  4. This is selfishness, greed.


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