August 20, 2016

Sexual Harassment: Actresses Make Themselves Available

Beautiful actress Opeyemi Ayeola Owolomose speaks with Adewoyin Adeniyi of The Nation on the movie industry, family life, career and other issues. Excerpts:

You've been off the scene for a while now; your fans must have missed you on their tv screen...
I want to sincerely thank my fans and every lovely supporter who never stopped showing love and undying support for the Opeyemi Aiyeola Owolomonse brand. You all, through the grace of God, made me the success I am today. And yes, I realized and appreciate the fact that they all missed me, as the calls, messages, SMS and consistent communication on my social media handles shows that indeed am loved and still very much accepted.

But I wouldn’t say I was ever out or that I quit acting. I’m very much an actor and still a major stakeholder in the movie making profession. But sometimes, some matters require your attention which will automatically disturb your initial movement. And to God be the glory, it’s all been a success story so far.

Are you working on any project presently?
Yes of course. I’m at the concluding stages of my various projects, which are not only about movies. Any moment from now, my fans will once again have a feel of me they have always known. And like I did say, I never left the movie making world, as my movies and the coming ones will always prove that indeed, I’m a born entertainer.

What is your reaction whenever you watch any movie you starred in?
Seeing or watching myself in any movie just makes me smile and fulfilled. It gives me a sense that I have been blessed to do what I’m gifted at; acting.

How true is the allegation that actresses suffer s*xual harassment?
I wouldn’t totally agree that it’s true as much as I wouldn’t deny it. Because it’s not happened where I am doesn’t mean it does not exist. From day one it’s always the case when men get attracted to women and vice versa. When you claim men harasses women, are you saying women too don’t torment or grease the male even with their s*xy moves? So, for me, it’s a matter of choice. It becomes an issue when the two of them don’t agree before anything is done.

How were you able to turn down advances from producers/ directors when you started?
I’m a woman, and a beautiful one at that. But I will never position myself at that corner where you will have the courage or momentum to even offer me such desire. I grew up as a very nurtured and disciplined woman and I’m never desperate at getting to the top. A man will only have the desire to s*xually molest you if and when he sees you as just too loose and desperate. Once you don’t place yourself in such corners, I believe such would be convincingly avoided.

How has family life been since you got married?
It has been a wonderful experience sustaining a home. Though it is sometimes challenging, but I’m thankful and loving it every day. Just like every woman who has made up her mind to make it work, so am I, through the grace of God and with the ever loving support of my darling husband, my marriage has been more of a home, a peaceful family and a very healthy one at that.


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Opeyemi just hit the nail on the head, when actress turns herself to banana, then the waiting man will use the opportunity to transformed himself to monkey & it's a common knowledge that banana is a food for monkey.

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