SHOCKING | Caskets float out of graveyard... Obama declares emergency (Photos)

The floods in Louisiana, US, is indeed devastation. Many have been rendered jobless and homeless, it's so bad that some corpses from a graveyard were also swept out of their final resting place.

People were shocked to see caskets from a graveyard floating down the street in Denham Springs.

President Obama had declared Louisiana was in a state of disaster on Sunday after the historic flood left at least five people dead. Emergency crews are managing the situation. See more pics...

Governor John Bel Edwards said more than 10,000 people are now in shelters and more than 20,000 people have been rescued across south Louisiana.

More than a foot of rain fell overnight in a deluge estimated to occur once every 500 years, according to the Pacific Standard.


  1. Wow dis is bad ooo, well is America see the quick respond to the situation

  2. Hassan Aderemi15 August, 2016 17:34

    That's serious!

  3. Serious matter, may thr Lord intervene.

  4. Those undertaker didn't go the required 6ft depth, pray God see them thru


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