So Sad! Hiv-Positive Man R*pes 6-year-old Girl in Delta State

An HIV-Positive man, identified as Monday Imande (pictured above) was on Thursday arrested for allegedly r*ping a six year-old girl, Blessing Osiagboro in Asaba, Delta State.

Police paraded the suspect before newsmen in the state capital after he was arrested. All efforts to get the account of the incident from the minor, proved abortive as the little girl appeared too traumatized and frightened to speak.

But the girl's grandfather was able to narrate how the unfortunate incident happened.

He said it happened on Wednesday while his grand-daughter was on an errand. He said the suspect, Imande forcefully grabbed and r*ped her.

Delta Police PRO, Celestina Kalu confirmed the incident and said that the suspect would be made to face the full weight of the law because of the severity of the offence.

According to Daily Post, she advised parents of young children to always get worried whenever a child sent on errands stays longer than expected. She stressed that this could help prevent incident such as this from happening.

When asked why he committed such an act against an innocent little girl, the HIV-Positive man, like others, blamed the devil for his action. He promised not to commit such crime again if set free.


  1. Imande you will burn in the hottest part of hell fire. How can you be so heartless? Your soul is gone already.

  2. Whoever sets you free from this grievous offence is wicked. You're a very heartless human being, you must pay for your sins.

  3. This kind people deserve death by hanging. Evil fellow

  4. Let her be given antivirals immediately for prevention.

  5. Hassan Aderemi12 August, 2016 13:27

    They should just castrate him if not for the rule of law, what a wicked man.

  6. Set free ke! Lai lai, heartless man..


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