by Michael Oche
The mess of this country will continue until each individual, each Nigerian start realizing his or her function and obligation to the country. Late Ex-President of American J.F. Kennedy rightly said; we ought to think for what we will do for our country not what our country will do for us.

We end up bombing our own National resources, diminishing the pride of Nigeria. We kill our own innocent compatriots just for selfish motive. The Muslims feel the only way to be the majority is to kill Christians, which is destroying the Nation, and the Christians feel the only way they have to be known is to criticize the Muslims, thus destroying ourselves. 

 A common sense should tell us that unity is strength, and there is no war, call it AVENGERS, call Boko Haram that can fight the unity of Nigeria and conquer it. 

History has told us, and history will continue telling us, if only Nigeria is united, there is no war that can conquer the unity of Nigeria! Let be wise – just as Hon. Ben Bruce said, we need common sense; it is a common sense that we should stop destroying what could bring us together. Anyone destroying the Nation’s resources is destroying himself. You can’t just say the problem is President Buhari, the problem is you! If you don’t know your function, your obligation as a Nigerian, you are a problem to Nigeria. You that stir up commotion and instability, you are Nigeria’s problem. You that create problem in order to embezzle the National fund – you are Nigeria’s problem.

In some states in America, and other European countries, the white police are maltreating and killing the blacks just for a little offence of the law, instead of the blacks strategizing on how to invest in themselves in order to give the black race a meaning and values for the white race to envy and respect them, rather we are here pursing our selfish desire, destroying the unity in oneness. We are here blaming the president instead of praying for him. Who say President Buhari is not working? He has being building the federal roads, commissioning trail rail-ways and boosting the agricultural aspect of the country internal revenue. Instead of encouraging him to do more we are criticizing him. The problem is you, instead of taking your obligation as a Nigerian serious, you are looking for whom to blame for your failure.

People are saying Niger Delta is polluted, there is no were to fish, there is no were to farm. Is there no governor in Niger Delta, are there no senators in Niger Delta, and are there no ministers in Niger Delta? Why is the Avengers and militant not asking them for the allocation sent to them from the federal government? Rather, they prefer to create dreadful association to cause menace in order to steal and kill openly. Are there no state’s fund, are there no allocation sent to the state governor? Why is the militants coming out, why are the Avengers destroying properties – is it the Avengers the governor, or the Militants the senators ruling the states? 

There are governor, senators and ministers in Niger Delta administering the state affairs, in which parts of the federal budget are allocated to them regularly; and if the State Governor, Senators or Ministers engulf it, then it is meant for them to be blamed not the federal government – not the president. Please use your tongue to count your teeth, it’s a common sense. This depicts that Avengers are not coming out for the people of the state, rather they are out for themselves and their pockets – they are the problem of Nigeria. You are destroying Nigeria for us; you are the problem of Nigeria.

Those Muslims that feel the Christians are their problem, they went about killing the Christians – they are the problem of Nigeria. They have to check their Koran closely, does it say, if you see Christians you should hate and kill them? And also Christians, you that feel the Muslims are your problem, you went about criticizing them – you are the problem of Nigeria. And those that embezzled Nigeria’s fund, which is meant for infrastructures, they then used it for their personal consumption – you are the problem of Nigeria. 

You jobless waif miscreants, sycophants in the morning, arm-robbers at night – you are the problem of Nigeria. Until you change and start carrying out your constitutional obligation as citizens of Nigeria and think for what you will do for Nigeria, not what Nigeria will do for you; then Nigeria will judiciously fight for your right. Prof. Wole Soyekan is not wrong when he said; President Buhari is trying to make better what the Ex-presidents have destroyed. Even other prominent personnel that can see beyond their noses are also complimenting President Buhari!

Please don’t be moved by your emotion, don’t let your emotion cloud your judgment. Don’t let killing be your life-style. A true Christian, a true Muslim will say, this a perilous time. People killing themselves and they don’t know why, people destroying properties and they don’t know why, brothers coming against themselves and they don’t know why, Nation fighting Nation and they don’t know why; it is a perilous time. Common sense should tell us, at perilous time, we need to be very careful and very calculative in taking action so as not hurt ourselves.

Even if Biafra should be created as a country, this is not how to go about it. Moreover not all Igbos are clamoring for Biafra. The educated ones will not want to leave their business and join some miscreants who do not know how to form a constitution, people that do not know their obligational duties to their country, people who are only been tossed by power and allowing the guns and rocket launchers to control them, instead of them controlling the rocket launchers and the bombs. Who will want to be in party with such people? Let be smart, it is a common sense!

If a certain allocation is meant for a state, and that state is misusing it, the people need to probe the state’s administrators (Governor, senators, ministers, etc) and hold them reliable for misappropriation, not the President. If you want to take mob, take mob on the culprits, not the President. People that hate the president do so because their unscrupulous means of making money is been debarred. So they fight, curse and create rancor; don’t answer them – they are the problem of Nigeria.

As wise Nigerians, rational Nigerians, compatriotic Nigerians, let foster our intelligence, strengths and patriotism to make Nigeria like the Great Britain, great America and great Japan. As we think for what we will do for our Nation, God will help us all – One Love!

Michael Oche