This footballer earns Millions weekly...his wife is sleeping with a guy earning less than 100K

With some ladies you never can tell, just expect anything so you are not surprised. A man who wants to find out what women really want...hmmm, just wish yourself good luck as you will need it.

Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren has discovered that his "good wife" Anita is having an affair with a man from her home town. And to think that the footballer has know his wife since their teenage years and have been together before he became a rich footballer. They already have two kids.

Funny enough, the man his adulterous wife is sleeping with a forestry worker. Can you beat that?
According to The Sun UK, the affair started when his wife, 26, and Dario met up last December in their home town. Anita persuaded Dario to fly to England and they got together at a Liverpool hotel after which they swapped hundreds of love messages.
Everything is out...the couple are heading for divorce.