This Lady was Killed by her Sugar Daddy for Ending their Affair

Desperation causing problem. The lady pictured above was reportedly murdered by her rich lover and sponsor. A close friend of the young lady shared the sad story on Facebook. He wrote:

“This beautiful lady was only 22yrs old, she was killed by her sponsor for dumping him. The guy had spent a lot on her education, but after she graduated she decided to dump him and went to live with another boyfriend... 
"What a loss to the family, she had parents, brothers & sisters who had great hopes on her. Now she is gone & gone 4 good, never 2 be seen again. Dear young Ladies can u kindly think on this. Be principled n live within your means. 
"NB:- Ladies be very vigilant n appreciate your background n be satisfied with da little u have..."
Hmmm...may the good Lord console her family.


  1. Hassan Aderemi11 August, 2016 17:39

    What a wicked man, at least he took advantage of the deceased as a minnor because such relationship with a young girl of that age might have taken nothing less than five years when the lady might just be seventeen years.

  2. Jst see how she wasted her life

  3. Ladies don't lv above your means. It's sardonic to see something like this happening to young ladies with great future


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