This Naija guy was exposed by a white lady down with cancer, she says he duped her

It is indeed sad to see how desperation can make some folks get dirty and even kill if need be just to get something they could achieve even more than double, if only they were patient.

Who patience don epp?...some misguided youths of today will ask. You can't know who patience epp because you are not interested in knowing how people work to make legitimate income, all you want is money, even if someone has to die for you to get it, you don't care. You want to 'enjoy' and carry those ladies who are desperate for the so called "made men". Sigh!

A white woman Michelle exposed this Naija guy, who she thinks is 23yrs old but is likely older. His name, according to her, is Fisayo Michael Olagunju also known as Hypemasterfish & McFish. 

The woman who's down with cancer said he defrauded her. Details below...