Today's Marriage Issues: Reactions to Pastor Adeboye’s Take

Many young ladies today don't know what marriage is and they don't even want to learn. You can as well park into a man's house as his lover, be sharing cooking with him, don't pray just live as you like and when you are tired you leave and go open up for another man. It's a free world, as they say.

In these days that men are killing women, cutting hands, injuries, etc. it's funny some, most of them single ladies, will be arguing with Pastor Adeboye who has been married successfully for decades.

The ongoing annual convention of Redeemed Christian Church of God, received enormous publicity on Tuesday. The publicity, however, came in a controversial manner.

Daddy GO, Pastor Enoch Adeboye in a message on marriage, stirred a widespread debate on social media, with thousands taking to the Internet to protest or support his positions on the categories of people Christians should not marry.

Pastor Adeboye, advised a congregation of bachelors and spinsters at the convention to avoid getting married to certain individuals in order to enjoy their marriages.

He urged bachelors to shun ladies who could not pray sincerely. He advised them against marrying “lazy” women as well as those who could not cook.

The cooking aspect particularly caught the attention of feminists. They protested the pastor’s remark.

Adeboye also warned ladies against accepting marriage proposals from “jobless” bachelors. He said those who could not earn incomes should hold on about marriage and sort out their issues.

A guy on twitter, Chinye Onwordi, said Pastor Adeboye’s advice had solved a persisting puzzle on the social media.

“Whether our ladies agree to cook when they marry or not, Adeboye has spoken the truth nobody should shy away from.”

One Ahmed Isah also wrote, “Adeboye, we thank you for ending this long debate. You spoke from a spiritual realm, not as a mere mortal.”


  1. Baba G.o gas said it all. Wheitger they like it or not, they must cook and perform their responsibilities

  2. D word isn't 4 all, it's 4 a few dt has deep spiritual insight..

  3. Truth will always be truthful and it is only people with discerning minds that can key into it. Daddy G.O just said what most men want in relationships but unfortunately most ladies nowadays are looking for already made men that will take them to Dubai today and London tomorrow. They do the descipable things to earn money. They open their legs for Naira. They have no plans for tomorrow and that's why whoever that is unfortunate to put them in the house will always think of murder when driven to the wall.It is only the wise that will take the advice seriously


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