Update On Budget Padding: Jibrin Makes More Revelations

A former Chairman, House Committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, on Sunday said two state governors and three former members of the House of Reps were blocking him from meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari to expose what really happened to him.

He added that the action was part of a perfected plot to provide a soft landing for Speaker Dogara.

Jibrin did not name the governors or the former Reps, but promised to expose them if they don't stop.

He released the statement just as the Transparency Group in the House said that members would meet on Monday (today) to review its strategies.

“We are meeting (on Monday); we will discuss and decide on our next line of action. We may want to petition Mr. President,” a member of the group, Mr. Baballe Bashir, said.

According to Jibrin, the governors had blocked him from having access to Buhari to tell the President his version of the crisis as Dogara did last week.

Jibrin said, “After three days of careful observation and receiving information from Nigerians, I discovered a grand plan by two governors and three former House members to provide a soft landing for Dogara and 12 others, give them time to clean up the mess on their desk, destroy whatever evidence in their possession and reach, spread money across members to buy signature of vote of confidence.”

Jibrin said he was shocked that Dogara, who initially denied that the budget was padded, later turned around to say “padding is not an offence.”

He added, “Let me make further revelations here. In addition to the allegations I already made, the anti-corruption agencies should ask Speaker Dogara why he collects N25m every month. They should also ask him to provide a proof of how he is funding his farm in Nasarawa State, which was just a few hectares six months ago and now miraculously expands to about 100 hectares with new buildings and state-of-the-art equipment worth millions of naira, as well as the mansion he has suddenly built in Wuse II within six months.”

Jibrin sought the intervention of former Heads of State and the diplomatic community to compel Dogara to reconvene the House immediately.

Three members of the Transparency Group in the House said to be working with Jibrin, also insisted on Dogara’s resignation, saying they were convinced that the speaker padded the N6.06tn budget.

“The Speaker diverted 50 per cent of the total capital projects allocated to Bauchi State, to the tune of N4,781,003,431 out of N9,231,289,842 allocated to the state, to his constituency.’’

Jibrin made more specific allegations against Dogara and those he said were working for him.