UPDATE | Speaker Dogara Runs to President Buhari for Help

The embattled Speaker of the House of Reps, Yakubu Dogara, is said to be scheming to meet with the President, Muhammadu Buhari, today over the budget padding scandal rocking the green chamber.

According to the President list of engagements for Friday, Buhari will meet Dogara at 4.30pm. The meeting is at the instance of the Speaker, presidency sources said.

Dogara's associates said the speaker sought audience with the President over the allegations levelled against him by the former chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Abdulmumin Jibrin, that he abused his office and committed budget fraud.

The meeting is holding about 24 hours after the APC leadership ordered Jibrin to stop further public comment on the matter.

Those familiar with the matter told PT that Mr. Dogara sought to see the President “to offer personal explanation” on the allegations against him.

Speaker Dogara is worried that the President might believe Jibrin’s claims if he did not make efforts to state his own side of the story to the nation’s number one citizen.

Dogara will also be requesting the President to help him call Jibrin and his backers to order.

Will the president agree to intervene in the thorny issue that has polarised the House? Time will tell.


  1. Hehehehe....i just dey observe

  2. Samuel eto'o single handed bought the embassy building Cameroon uses for his country. These heartless, selfish animals have put Nigeria in a state that pensioners commit suicide easily, husbands can't stand up to their responsibilities anymore, most families can't boast of two meals, talk less of three. If we say it will not be well with Nigerian politicians and their families, it is an understatement.

  3. Na which yeye help hin dey find, did he seek help 2 steal fund..

  4. I really pity the speaker.

  5. It's good to explain his own side of d issue not to d president alone buh to d Nigerians as he owes us some explanation!

  6. he must be a joker dis guy should be in jail by nw

  7. If truely APC trying to cover up dogara....... Then I've lost my hope in this administration

  8. coward!

    #Olu, can you see?


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