Usain Bolt's girlfriend said it's not easy seeing him with ladies but she's not leaving him

You can't be dating one of the richest sports men in the world and say you want to break up with him just because a girl shared pics of them together...or he was in a club dancing with a lady...lol.

Usain Bolt's model girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, has been receiving messages from ladies online, some of the ladies might even want her to leave him so they could go for him, but she's not moved.

She wrote on Twitter: "#SelfControl", one of her follow said: "I want your level of self control," and Kasi replied: "Not easy."


  1. It's not easy to date a celebs and issues of Fidelity not involve

  2. That's the difference between a marriage Union of GOD and a union of man...because you are a celebrity does not mean everything is acceptable of course no biggie if they are fans but sleeping around is not an entitlement because you are a man.

  3. Wen u let success, fame n moni get in2 ur head, ds is d repercussion..


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