Waconzy turns plus 1 today; pledges five scholarships to study Oracle database Admin valued at $3,595

One of Nigeria’s biggest pop star, Waconzy aka Supaman is 33 today. Happy birthday Waconzy!

To celebrate his birthday Waconzy foundation has pledged to help elevate poverty in Africa by giving out 5 scholarships valued at $3,595 each to well deserving Africans.

"I know things are really hard out there and life is unbearable for some families, please accept my little donation which is aimed at reducing the level of poverty in our land. Education is key to success ! Education is power ! God bless Africa. #HBDWACONZY”…He tweets

To qualify, Kindly tweet at @waconzy with the hashtag #HBDWACONZY telling him why you deserve the scholarship. The more sincere you are, the better your chance.