Weapons recovered from Armed Bandits who killed 11 soldiers and officers

It was a bloody encounter. Following covert surveillance and intelligence reports on the activities of some gun runners and armed bandits in Kopa, Dagma and Gagaw villages, Bosso area in Niger State, troops of 31 Artillery Brigade, 1 Division Nigerian Army, in conjunction with Nigeria Air Force detachment on Internal Security Operation MESA went on quick cordon and search in the affected areas to recover suspected weapon cache and arrest the suspected persons and the armed bandits.

While approaching and deploying to carry out their lawful duty, the troops came under simultaneous and sporadic shootings in all the three locations. See more photos below:

Sadly, an officer and 8 soldiers of the Nigerian Army and 2 Airmen of the Nigeria Air Force lost their lives in the line of national duty. Additionally, one soldier is still missing while 2 of their colleagues were seriously wounded. Nigerian troops also killed 8 of the armed bandits and arrested 57 others.


  1. Kai dis people will never rest nd God will keep exposing them

  2. I don't understand this type of rule of engagement where soldier are killed more than the bandits & still arresting 57 alive. why? kill the idiots & leave only at least vital three that will help in further & future investigations.

  3. Nawa o, God pass ds yeye people..

  4. That Bosso is a dangerous place. I used to avoid that place bcos all types of crimes going on there.

  5. this is really bloody, may God help Nigeria


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