What Is Going On Here?

A Facebook user, Pst. Abasiubong Tom, said this is a traditional wedding rite in Mbaise, Imo State. Is this not too much...especially these days that some young ladies are saying they can't cook? Lol!


  1. Hassan Aderemi09 August, 2016 08:09

    Too much, are they selling their daughters for marriage?

  2. Jeeez Imo will nt kill somebody is too much na

  3. Mr Olu, this is blatant lie, am From Mbaise, This picture and environs does not represent Mbaise traditional culture. am seeing pigs and fresh fish there, we don't request for such in our traditional marrige. The Pastor's name Abasiubong sound like Akwaibom which is the state that likes Dog meat (404) and pig meat.


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