Why I returned to my husband after many years –Hilda Dokubo

Here's a brief excerpt from an interesting interview Punch had with veteran actress Hilda Dokubo:

What have you been up to recently?
I just finished a movie by Kunle Afolayan, and I’m working on another. I’m also writing a children’s book, and running a school. I’m just staying happy and excited. Kunle Afolayan’s The CEO is a beautiful work making waves at the moment. I worked with an awesome team, and the storyline was so simple but beautiful. I played the role of a superintendent of police who investigated some crimes. It was fantastic working with Kunle Afolayan.

Why did you reconcile with your husband after a long period of separation?
Everything in life has stages and time. If I say I’m a Christian and love God, then I should be able to live a life that Christ would be proud of. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong in a relationship. We did it for ourselves, our children, others, but most importantly for God.

Outside of what we see on TV, who is Hilda Dokubo?
I am simple and unassuming, but very daring.

What is the greatest lesson marriage has taught you?
Patience. Don’t think anyone else can help you build your home, because you alone can do that. Don’t give up so quickly when it becomes so tough.