Woman Disrupts Church Service, Claims Pastor Dumped Her For Another Lady

Funny drama...lol! The incident played out at a church in Kariobangi area in Kenya when a woman stormed the service claiming that the pastor who runs the church was her husband, and that he had dumped her to marry another lady.

The jilted "wife", identified as Jane Wambui, yelled and called out the Pastor’s name as she pelted the church door with stones. People soon gathered but the woman was not moved...

Worshipers scampered for safety, even the preacher in question took cover from the obviously violent woman. Speaking out loud, she claimed they had been married for 14 years until their union hit a rocky patch earlier in the year.

She thought that they would look for how to settle their issues, but according to her her husband left her and moved on with a lady. She said their child had been sent away from school. She was angry.

It took the intervention of police to calm the woman who others had tried unsuccessfully to pacify.


  1. Hassan Aderemi01 August, 2016 07:05

    She just show people her violent attitude, which might be reason for her husband to ran away from her.

  2. God forbid, desperation.

  3. Wrath of an angry woman , truly this woman is crazy ooh!

  4. Most of the Pastors of new generation churches are never good examples.They do not represent what they preach.Too Bad.
    How can a pastor who preaches against divorce go ahead to abandon his wife especially with children for another woman all because of flesh.
    Judgment will sure start from the House of God!


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