You all are greedy... Actors and Actresses blasted for begging money to treat Leo Mezie

How can you guys be living in big houses, taking expensive vacations and living large but anytime one of you have health issues all of you will be claiming you don't have money and will come online to beg ordinary Nigerians who are doing their best to feed their families, to come and donate?

Hmmm...the economic realities is making Nigerians have a rethink about contributing for those who are seen as rich or wealthy celebrities. OluFamous.Com observed that when Rita Dominic did a post on her social media account begging Nigerians to make donations for actor Leo Mezie's health issues, the responses she got were not what she expected. Read how people reacted below...

My take...no one prays to be sick but it could happen to anyone. We should learn to live responsibly and save some money, because if you live to impress people and portray yourself as very rich when you are not, if anything goes wrong later, those you were showing off to will not help you. #life