Young Brazilian lady leaks bedroom pics of she & Usain Bolt

This twenty-year-old student from Rio has revealed photos of she and Usain Bolt after a wild night of partying that ended in what appears a nocturnal encounter. The lady, Jady Duarte, shared WhatsApp pics that show her wearing a white top with a bare-torsoed Bolt.

In one of the photos she actually snapped Usain bolt in the "act" with her.

The encounter happened at the final weekend of the Olympics. While speaking to a local newspaper, the lady said she hadn't realized that she was with a famous athlete all through their encounter.


  1. And what is so special about it?

  2. Hope Usain is as good in bed as he is on the track?
    in bed it's a marathon not a sprint

  3. Orísírísí..

  4. Some girls are evil oooo, dis one has a gf oo smh

  5. Hassan Aderemi22 August, 2016 22:23

    At least this will discard the fear of Usain Bolt's mother about the potency of his son, that she was telling to get marry soon but not to this kind of olosho lady.


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