After she's caught smoking, Obama's daughter made to wear Tee-Shirt - 'Smoking Kills'

Apparently her parents, Barrack and Michelle Obama, were not happy to see their daughter Malia in the social media, flaunting her smoking skills.

Malia had to wear a tee-shirt with the words 'Smoking kills' on it at a music festival in Philadelphia yesterday - just weeks after puffing on a suspicious cigarette at Chicago's Lollapalooza.

She was pictured with a friend at the Budweiser Made in America Festival, with the wise message displayed on the front of her top. At least, she can't smoke with those words boldly on her body.

The Obamas really got worried when the 18-year-old was pictured smoking at the Lollapalooza, with a witness claiming her cigarette contained marijuana.


  1. She needed a closed monitoring before she becomes a spoilt child.

  2. I know Uncle Obama must be angry by now......oyonbo life

  3. One of many demerits of child Acts,,,

  4. Oga o, wetin 2 much right dey cause..


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