AT LAST | University of Ibadan ranks among Top In The World

University of Ibadan has secured a spot in the ranking of top universities in the world. In the ranking released by Times Higher Education, Nigeria’s premier university was ranked 801 on the list.

 UI is the only Nigerian university to make the list.

Earlier in 2016, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (AWRU) and the Center for World Universities Ranking (CWUR) released a list of the top 500 and 1000 world universities respectively and no Nigerian university was on the list.

CWUR said that Nigerian universities were not considered because of lack of quality research.

AWRU, who did not give a reason for Nigeria’s absence, made it clear that the criteria for ranking was the number of alumni and staff publishing journals in Nature and Science, number of alumni and staff winning Nobel prizes and Field medals.

South Africa and Egypt had the highest number of universities on the list from the black continent.

63 universities from the United states made it to the top 200 while 32 from the United Kingdom also made the cut.


  1. 'At last you say!' Well it is rather disturbing that the continent with 'first position' in some of the unpleasant issues of the world is spending next to nothing on quality research. Yes it is good news but we should be more concerned about having more Nigerian Universities there and remaining there!

  2. Greatest Uites, this is interesting & I urge our Nigeria universities to focus more on research.

  3. 801th position is better than nothing but all hands especially the government's must be on deck to improve the position next time.


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