Borno Governor Relocates His Office To Town Liberated From Boko Haram

The Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, on Wednesday temporarily moved his office to Bama, a town badly destroyed by the Boko Haram.

The governor did that as part of commencement of the reconstruction of the liberated communities.

Mr. Shettima, who arrived Bama on Wednesday afternoon, said the destroyed city, the third largest in the state, would from Wednesday become the seat of Borno State government till he is done with his supervision of the reconstruction job.

“My office is now here. I decided to relocate here to live here and supervise reconstruction works. I will administer Borno State from here."

The governor, according to PT, indicated that he would not be returning to the state capital for now.

“I am fully prepared to be here for days to come, one week, two weeks or even more. I will not leave until we are able to rebuild a good number of private houses, municipal buildings, markets, schools and clinics. I want the reconstruction work to take proper shape before I leave.

“We cannot wait till forever before we reclaim our destiny. Bama is one of the worst affected areas and we will move from here to other parts of the state.

“While I am here, we have a full structure of Government in place operating in Maiduguri so that activities of managing IDP’S, civil service, implementation of government policies and programmes will continue while I am here. I will be in constant touch with Maiduguri, I came prepared.”

Justifying the governor’s relocation to Bama, 74 kilometres from the state capital, his spokesperson, Isa Gusau, explained that “insurgents had attacked the town killing dozens, destroyed ‎more than 80 per cent of the thousands of houses in the town, sacked the Emir and took over his palace after declaring it as sovereign territory with set of laws and ‘constitutional’ leader.

“Military toppled the insurgents and recovered the area by the end of 2015, months after President Muhammadu Buhari took over affairs.”