Buhari may cut Fashola's Ministries to give way for Kachikwu

Looks like there's a move to make Ibe Kachikwu a substantive minister, not just a minister of state. To this end, sources say the Ministry of Power may be moved from out of the three ministries under Babatunde Fashola, with a view to make Kachikwu Minster of Power & State for Petroleum.


  1. Still not cleared, is he going to be minister of state for power & petroleum or a substantive minister of power then minister of state for petroleum or substantive minister for power & petroleum? Clarifications please!

    1. What is the difference between poverty and wretchedness

  2. With due respect, Mr Buhari is old enough to be retired home, rather than playing try your luck or try and error methodologies on a complex economy of Nigeria in the name of I am the president. Buhari should resign honorably and go home to face his numerous family challenges both extended and neuclated with peace of mind rather than deceiving himself and the world at large. If he dies in Power, I swear he'll not enter paradise (ajanna fiduse).

  3. As long as he will deliver greatly for the good if the majority, who cares???

  4. As long as he will deliver greatly for the good of the majority, who cares???


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