Delta PDP Chairman: Nigerians Are Tired of APC’s Policies

Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party in Delta State, Kingsley Esiso, has said that Nigerians “are obviously” fed up with the economic policies of the All Progressives Congress, claiming that PDP was the only party that has the capacity to put the country back on track.

Speaking in Ozoro at an enlarged meeting of the PDP in Isoko North area of the state, where a vote of confidence was passed on the Minority Leader of the House of Reps, Leo Ogor, Mr Esiso told the aggrieved members of PDP to stay put in the party, saying, “Even APC members are hungry and thinking of how to come to us."

He added, “They came and preached the mantra of change to us. Nigerians bought it without asking the kind of change they are selling. Today, obviously, you can see that the change is very negative. We are proud to be in PDP and I am very confident that come 2019, PDP will bring a positive change in the country.”


  1. PDP got us here, APC is cleaning up d mess dey put us in, so dey should allow dem breathe sum fresh air..

  2. Our existence isn't all about politics..rather on how to design a better system that brings necessary amenities e.g Electricity,good road network,education,health and security to make Nigeria a worthy haven for all of us.I wonder many atimes even if people in PDP go through Niger schools? They should stop heresy campaign and rather come up with better ideas that will move our nation forward.STOP playing politics with our future abeg

  3. Mama Piss na thief.
    Mama PDP be thief.

  4. Shut up and rest in peace charcoal, where were you when formal governors of delta state took all the money in d state? You are there saying come 2019. What have you been able to contribute to make delta state move forward? PDP is ruling Delta state, start by paying workers their salaries before you can say what you are saying now. I don't know if you read news or visit other province. Is it not the same allocation that is being given to each province(state)? See what is going on in Lagos state. PDP share the money. Delta state tender is only being given PDP members who can not even execute it and the money will be paid into their account to split. Mr man, please don't provoke me coz if I see you NA HEAVY SLAP U GO COLLECT. I rest my case joor


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