Drunk policeman shoots driver, passengers for not greeting him

Confusion broke out in Benue State early last month when a certain Mobile Police officer identified as Corporal Terfa, attached to a checkpoint in Zaki Biam area of the state allegedly opened up fire on a driver and his passengers simply because the driver refused to exchange pleasantries with him.

According to Idoma Voice, although no life was lost, a kid was said to have sustained bullet wounds during the unfortunate incident.

Narrating the incident, an eyewitness, Saror Sekav, said, “Our police are funny atime. Today, I saw the worst cadre. A policeman stopped us at a checkpoint in Zaki Biam and ordered us out of the car on the grounds that our driver was fond of not greeting him.

"We and the driver begged that he should let us go but he refused. We thought he was joking until when he turned down his superior's order to allow us leave."

The child was rushed to the hospital.


  1. Ogoro in action

  2. The Authority of Nigerian Police responsible for recruitment into Nigerian Police force should be very vigilant during a recruitment excercise to allow room for credible candidates.

  3. Bad eggs among police force, that's serious!

  4. Enter your comment...GREAT STUPIDITY

  5. This is really terrible. Thank God no live was lost. As for the idiot, he must face the wrath of the law.


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