FACTS | Living Large & Showing Off Is A Recipe For Poverty

This is the reason why many families in Africa still remain poor after their grandfather or father was able to make some money in the course of their life. And guess what, it's going to be worse in this our generation of social media, these days that people see how celebrities are dressing and living large and everyone wants to measure up or die trying.

For your own sake think straight; you are not a celebrity; you can't sing, you can't act, you can't play football, etc. And it is not your fault. Everyone can't be the same. Sometimes it could just be that your parents did not expose you to sports or arts at the right age.

So, stop using the small money you have now to buy and do the things celebrities are doing.

The good news is that, those who are not celebrities can indeed become richer than celebrities. In fact among the top richest people in the world, none is a celebrity. It's a simple fact, a footballer can earn Millions of Dollars but the owner of the football club makes Billions of Dollars.

A musician can get N100m endorsement deal from a company, the owner of the firm is a Billionaire.

Sometimes it is good that you are not a celebrity. Why? Most celebrities end up broke and it's simply because of the flashy lifestyle they got used to overtime.

OluFamous.Com took time to explain these facts just to help our youths of today.

If you're not in the arts, don't make a celebrity lifestyle your 'role model'. If you diligently build your life, with time you will be richer and much more comfortable than a celebrity. Good luck!