Father Kukah To Buhari: Stop Blaming Jonathan, Start Solving Problems

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Kukah, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to stop agonising about the past administration but tackle the challenges facing the country.

He said Nigerians did not vote for Buhari to complain about previous government but to get down to work and if possible perform better than those who were there before him.

The clergymen stated this at a dinner organised by Ondo State Government after the 2016 Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria held in Akure, the state capital on Wednesday.

He said, “We didn’t vote a government to complain about yesterday, if we wanted yesterday the new government would not be there. The previous government didn’t only do bad things; he did a lot of good things.

“I think the business of government is not our business; our business is, the previous government did bad, that is why we voted a new government. It is really about taking responsibility. No matter how much you praise or abuse (former President Goodluck) Jonathan, he is no more the President of Nigeria. I think that people must understand that you take power to solve problems not to agonise.

“We are not asking you to change the whole world, but Jonathan created problems: we are now riding a train between Abuja and Kaduna now; the train wasn’t there before. Things that Jonathan did that can help Nigeria, let’s continue with them. The bad things that Jonathan did and those who deserve to go to prison should go to prison. “

Kukah added that the only way the current administration could succeed in fighting corruption was to first solve the problem of poverty and inequality in the country.

“I still believe that unless we get to the root cause of poverty and inequality, which are really the evidences and symptoms of corruption; you can talk of fighting corruption all the rest of your life and very little is going to happen.

"Sending people to prison will only be useful if it puts bread on the table of majority of Nigerians."


  1. This govt is obviously solving problems created by previous PDP govts and in so doing has to let Nigerians know how we arrived at this inglorious point. Now, there is no way this explanation will be made without referring to the immediate past govt of Jonathan, that took corruption to a different despicable level in Nigeria. For instance, Cameron inherited huge deficit in the UK, in order to reduce the deficit he introduced some stringent measures and for 5 years and almost on a daily basis Cameron had to let the people of the UK know that what they were experiencing was caused by the failed policies of the Labour party under Gordon Brown. Rev Kukah is just being irresponsible. This is a man that advocated that the fight against corruption should be stopped despite the obvious huge damage done to the economy.

  2. Its a must fo the present gov to let Nigerians know about the magnitude of the prblms inherited bt the past gov as a result bad governance. Is Mr Kukah not seeing the good work of this gov so far?

  3. Exactly! Stop the blame game. It eats into your work time.

  4. Well said Rev Kukah. The blame game ought to have stopped long ago. The current president was elected and given a free hand to fix the problem and make life better for the citizens of this country. I said free hand because if PDP had gone to court, he would have been distracted. He should provide solutions and quit complaining of yester-years else he should do the noble thing....resign and allow somebody that can do the job come on board.

  5. I marvel anytime I hear Nigerians giving commending the foolishness of this Government. If you're not a magician why appear on a stage, n if you do its either you'll fool yourself or your audience. I really wish that one day we'll start thinking the way God designed us to think and not as fellow men would want us to think. God Save Nigeria.


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