Fayose is Not Happy with Makarfi & Sheriff's Peace Moves

Two PDP governors disagreed on the peace move announced by the two feuding factions of the party led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi and Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

The two factions of the party had on Tuesday announced their decision to bury the hatchet and work together in order to enable the party perform its role as a viable opposition platform.

Governors Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State and Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, who spoke separately on the issue in Abuja on Thursday, differed on the necessity of the reconciliation move.

Fayose rejected the peace move and stressed that it is only the Court of Appeal that can resolve the party’s leadership crisis, but Governor Ikpeazu described it as a step in the right direction.

According to Fayose, the PDP state governors have not been briefed on the reconciliation move while the cases in court have not been withdrawn.

He said: “That move, you see, I’m not against anything called resolution within the party but everybody must wait for Court of Appeal to resolve this matter.

“Matters are in court, nobody has withdrawn any matter and they are resolving. What are you resolving? When matters are in court you, allow court to lay them to rest. The moment this thing doesn’t go with one side, they will tell you were are still in court.

“But allow the court to take a stand and reconciliation would be made easy. I’m not against anybody reconciling with each other but when you see that meeting, ask the coverners if governors were briefed. I was not briefed. I am not the only person in the party but then I have a stake.”

On whether the cases in court cannot be withdrawn during reconciliation, he replied: “Let’s wait till then. But my opinion is the Court of Appeal must resolve this matter..."

But Abia governor Ikpeazu said that the new reconciliation move will be a victory for the party and Nigeria at the end of the day.

Gov Ikpeazu said: “In every crisis there are downsides because nobody will wish and pray for crisis. I think also that moment of crisis are also opportunities for strength, renewed vigor and to reinvent our vision. So, ultimately, I think the PDP has the resilience and what it takes to bounce back as a party.”

On how to secure the support of its founding fathers and others who may have left the party, he said the party will work to bring everybody back on board.

“There is no doubt that party politics everywhere involves everybody whether founding father or a new member. Political party is built around people and everybody has equal stake," he stressed.