Here's Part Two of Why Ladies Should Be Very Prayerful

Dear Sister Temi,
May God continue to enrich you with wisdom and give you strength to keep up with your good work. I read your article on girls learning to pray for one hour. If we consider the kind of battle we are facing in this part of the world, one hour prayer is child’s play because when things are bad, you need prayers and when things are good, you still need prayers to sustain it. Prayer is the key.
- Mcmalu

My darling Nigerian sisters,
Reasons you should be a prayer warrior (Continued)

Divine wisdom and directives
No matter the level of anointing the world’s greatest G.O. carries, your life’s journey and the battle of your destiny is strictly between you and God. Of course, your pastor can support you with prayers; however, he may never be able to give you the key to unlock your greatness or purpose in life. The key is more often than not God’s divine directive. Also, one divine instruction could save you and your entire generation from ruin that would have been caused by an evil diversion caused by your carelessness and too much dependence on others. Concentrate more on God, learn to carry Him on your head and let Him constantly talk to you! You will turn out a wonderful wonder- even you will be dazed. I know what I’m talking about o!

Accurate dreams and visions
When you get yourself acquainted with God by praying ceaselessly and fasting purposefully, holiness becomes your lifestyle. This not only ignites your inner man, it daily increases your spiritual connectivity such that before long, by the time you wake up every morning, you already know what would happen to you in the course of the day. These revelations come naturally and if there’s any evil coming, you are quick to disperse it. Though the devil also manipulates through fake dreams and visions, with time, you can discern the real from the fake. You constantly get a lot of information not only about your future but about people around you, people far away from you, people you don’t even talk to, and in fact revelations of what would happen in the polity - WITHOUT ASKING. Amazing!

There’s so much more to come your way. I pray for you with all my heart; your life shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord and his glory shall be revealed upon you in Jesus name. Amen!

To be continued.

by Temilolu Okeowo

- In the days of our mums, it is abnormal for a woman not to be prayerful, but in these days of social media, for some it's all about enjoyment, new hair, new clothes, travel, pleasure, etc. It is well!